Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.6.2



  • Test Mail Profiles: a functionality is now available, that allows sending test mails to mail profiles. To send a test mail, open an existing profile and a button will be available for that operation
  • Maintenance Mail Profile: a configuration option for a default or maintenance mail profile has been added. If any critical system events occur that require the administrator's immediate attention, this profile will be used to deliver messages. An example for such an event would be that the GreenLight appliance is out of disk space on the database disk.


  • Mailflow Analysis Sensor: it is now possible to add a Cluster as target for this sensor. The sensor will try to resolve the sent mail from the target database of the first cluster member, if this member is down, the other cluster members are checked.
  • Mailflow Analysis Sensor: a placeholder is now available in the recipient field that will resolve into the current targets common name. This will allow the sensor to be usable with more than only one targets at a time. Please see this knowledge base article about further information.
  • Domino DB Access Sensor: in addition to specifying a database by file path, it is now possible look for a database by Replica ID. The former Database field has been renamed to DB Path / Replica ID.
  • Sametime Profiles: it is now possible to enter a comma-separated list of recipients in order to deliver a Sametime notification to multiple persons at a time.


  • Several improvements for the Data Table view in line charts have been made. It is now possible to add a column with the server name, ZIP the exported CSV file and select the time period for the data table.

Bug Fixes

Live Monitor

  • Threshold Configuration: an issue has been fixed, that prevented floating point numbers to be entered as threshold values.
  • Show/Hide Servers: hiding a specific servers or showing all hidden servers is now also available in Sensor Overview, not just in Health Grid anymore.