Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.7.1



  • Host Configuration: it is now possible to remove hosts that do not match the license criteria (in order to get rid of the license warning)


  • Axis Display: added the option to set the largest axis maximum as maximum for all series'

Database Analyzer

  • Scan Options: it is now possible to restrict analysis to specific folders

Topology Explorer

  • Discovery Options: it is now possible to restrict analysis to a selected group of servers


Bug Fixes


  • Axis Display: corrected an issue where adding and removing axis could lead to blank spaces in the axis area


  • SMTP Mail Actions/Profiles: fixed an issue that produced an error when multiple recipient were added in a comma separated format
  • Sametime Actions: fixed an issue where the selected profile in an existing action would not be displayed correctly
  • Sametime Profiles: fixed an inconvenience where form validation would not update on change of all fields

Live Monitor

  • Initial Setup: fixed an issue that required the user to log out and log in again in order to see the live monitor after initial sensor setup

Topology Explorer

  • Discovery: fixed an issue where a specific problem during discovery would freeze the whole process