Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.8.0

New Features


  • Domino Server Audit: this new functionality performs numerous checks on server health, performance and configuration in order to provide information on how the according areas can be improved. Based on IBM recommendations and community expert suggestions & best practices, this feature offers immediate value and helps to easily identify issues and tuning potential. It can be found in Live Monitor under the new tab "Audit Overview". An indicator is also available for the Health Grid, for a basic overview of the audit status.

  • Topology Explorer 2.0: this area has been completely redesigned and redeveloped. Available via the quick start area in GreenLight it offers a unique approach to visualizing connection infrastructure and data flow paths and volume. Major improvements have been made in the topology visualization area as well as with filtering servers based on traffic details. An automatic data retrieval schedule allows to keep this list up to date without user interaction.



  • The GreenLight web application will now try to log in automatically in order to recover orphaned browser sessions.

  • Target selection for charting and sensor configuration has been improved. Multiple filters are now available to make target selection easier and more intuitive. E.g. when selecting servers for charting purposes, the default filter that is applied will only show servers that have active sensors, instead of all the servers known to GreenLight


  • General: when scheduling a new sensor, different default schedule values will now be suggested according to sensor type

  • BES Sensor: this sensor allows the automatic creation and maintenance of a database table that holds a BES user inventory

Live Monitor

  • General: a full-text search function has been added in order to make it easier to find servers in large lists
  • Health Grid: data refresh performance been improved. This should mostly be noticeable in environments with a large amount of servers.
  • Health Grid: values will now be displayed with the user specific thousands and decimal separators. 
  • Health Grid: it is now possible to specify the status indicator on missing values or measurement errors. Until now, such a case would always result in a red error symbol.
  • Health Grid: a column has been added that shows a summary of audit results (see Domino Audit)
  • Health Monitor: the "Uncategorized Nodes" list can now be full-text searched
  • Health Monitor: a basic snap-in-place functionality has been added to help positioning categories
  • Health Monitor: a zoom functionality is now available that allows adapting the content size, according to the number of servers that are displayed


  • Line Chart: value specific axis will now be colored according to the color specified for this series
  • Line Chart: improved performance of scrolling through large data sets

Bug Fixes

Live Monitor

  • BES Dashboard: in rare scenarios it could happen that editing the dashboard configuration would result in sensor duplication instead replacement.
  • BES Dashboard: an issue has been resolved, where the BES dashboard would query more values from the server than strictly necessary.