New Features


  • Linux Shell Script Sensor: A new Sensor has been added that can be used to trigger individual self-created Linux Shell Scripts (.SH). With this Sensor you can cover dozens/hundreds of use cases
    (example: perform a LDAP query and measure the total time for this query as well if the object has been found or not)

This Sensor allows you to make use of Nagios Scripts (more information will be shared in our knowledge base in the near future!)


  • Traveler - Mail Server Histogram Matrix
    Show History functionality allows you to see the history events of each of the DCA DB Open Histogram Data.
    This Matrix is already aware of the new DCA statistic names which got changed with the FixPack 8 of Traveler 9.0.1


  • Improved Traveler Details on Node Level
    Traveler Details: The Traveler Details Panel provides now more Information concerning specific Histogram Data (e.g DCA.DB_OPEN, GUD Select,...)
    In addition to that you can now Export Traveler related User Data


  • DB Access Sensor: You can now monitor in more detail the (or other domino applications which are using the design).
    Multiple new statistics are now available which can be further used for alerting and charting. It provides for instance vital information of the oldest document in the (categorized by pending/hold/dead).
    In addition to that the DB Access Sensor offers now database size information, document count information too.


  • Clone Server Properties in Clone Server Config
    During "Clone Server Configuration" you can now decide if server properties should be inherited too. There are 3 options available

-Clone sensor assignments only, do not overwrite server properties
-Clone sensor assignments and server properties
-Clone sensor properties only, do not add sensor assignments




  • Sound Notification: You can now activate Audio notifications on the Live Monitor Level


Live Monitor

  • Server Maintenance: A new way to set quickly a maintenance period via the Live Monitor has been added. (via the right-click context menu on the Live Monitor)



  • Deactivate Actions: A new setting has been added which allows you to enable/disable existing actions. (via the right-click context menu)

Disabled actions are "greyed out" and can be re-enabled easily

  • Import Actions: One can now import existing actions into other Sensors by using the Import Actions button


Backend Configuration

  • PostgreSQL maintenance adjustments: Several Scripts have been added to improve the maintenance tasks on the PostgreSQL Database Level




  • Config Integrity: A maintenance check will verify sensor configuration at first run of the new version
  • Improved "Separator Detection"
    In case the separator config on Node Level differs with the real separator on Domino Level, the following mail message will be sent to the Admin

Detected separtators:
{com.panagenda.greenlight.plugin.domino.GROUPING_CHAR_DETECTED=,, com.panagenda.greenlight.plugin.domino.DECIMAL_CHAR_DETECTED=.}

Admin has to correct the node settings (e.g. Reset to automatic detection)

  • User Accounts: Allow special characters for GreenLight Login passwords
  • Maintenance Periods: Redesign for calculating maintenance periods
  • Health Grid: Hide sensor refresh button in Health Grid if no sensors to refresh are available
  • Manual Sensor Execution: Sort List of Sensors
  • Heartbeat script (GL Backend) will also now be triggered if a deamon check detects an unavailability of tomcat and postgres
  • Daily Maintenance Task purges old Config dumps ( /opt/panagenda/dbkkp ) which are older than 30 days
  • Added new predefined action conditions to several Sensors (e.g. Traveler User Activity Sensor, ...)
  • Domino ServerUptime is now calculated to seconds based on the Server.ElapsedTime Statistics --> greenlight.elapsedtime.seconds
  • Update Process: System Update Progress Bar Information has been added (manual / automatic Update) --> visible in future upgrades

  • Sametime Statistics:  Added a functionality in which Meeting Statistics can be retrieved from a Websphere Meeting Server



  • DAOS Details: Column Titles and Details for the DAOS Details Report have been adjusted in order to reflect the Units (MB; amount of objects)



  • Line Chart:If an axis is hidden, do not consider it when "set largest axis as maximum"



  • Tasks Status Sensor: Consecutive fire count behavior has been adapted (based on measurement result)
  • Tasks Status Sensor: The task name "Traveler" has been added to the Task list due to Traveler Code modifications (starting with Traveler version 9.0.4 IBM changed the name from Lotus Traveler to Traveler)
  • Tasks Status Sensor: Information Box is now available
  • HTML User Simulation: Supports now Form, Basic and No Authentication
  • Disk Statistic Sensor: One can set now different warning/failure threshold based on partition sizes.


  • Traveler User Activity Sensor: Device - User - Sync Status information has been added to this Sensor. You can filter the list based on sync status, username, OS or Hardware and in addition to that you can export the output to a CSV file.


  • Traveler User Activity Sensor: Added a new statistic to provide the total amount of users per IBM Traveler Pool
  • Traveler User Activity Sensor: Timeout Setting for accessing the Traveler Server can now be set
  • Mailflow Sensor: Avoids background Fulltext Creation

FTSearch only when the DB is indexed otherwise a simple search will be performed.
Note: in the latter case, the mail body will not be searched --> make sure the mail subject is preserved!


Bug Fixes


  • fixed an issue where sending a test mail (Mail Profile for Maintenance Messages) in certain situation failed
  • fixed an issue where incorrect maintenance settings/ business hours settings within Server Settings led to a strange Login behaviour
  • fixed an issue where the Sensor status was not reflected correctly in the GreenLight Frontend
  • Traveler Statistics: Filter out Device Types from DeviceSyncState Histogram View (IBM added additional DeviceSync Stats to Traveler:  e.g. )
  • Unattended Viewer Mode: fixed an issue where the Login crashed if the unattended viewer interval was set to 0
  • PDF and CSV Export crashed if invalid character was in the filename
  • fixed an issue with the GL DiskUsage notification
  • fixed an issue with the Discovery process
  • fixed an issue where a post-modification of a Cluster definition (Cluster members) was not saved
  • fixed an handshake issue in which a traveler server accepted only TLS 1.x


  • Task Status Sensor: fixed an issue where in certain situations a Task Sensor action was not triggered.
  • DB Access Sensor: fixed an issue where settings have not been saved correctly if you have changed the sensor settings from "List of Database (superficial check)" to "Single Database (detailed inspection)


  • SNMP Action: GreenLight placeholders can now be used within a SNMP action
  • SNMP Action: Eventlog captures now SNMP action output
  • SNMP Action: fixed an issue in the Task Sensor
  • Action - Advanced Options: In certain situations the GreenLight Frontend displayed incorrect checkbox selections
  • fixed an issue with the Document.Coun


  • fixed an issue where the Generate Report Button was visible although the Report was set based on Schedule
  • DAOS Report: Header Information has been updated

Server Settings

  • fixed an issue where the first entry of the Location list could not be selected

Health Grid / Health Monitor

  • fixed an issue where the Health Monitor settings for a normal user were not saved
  • fixed an issue where "create Maintenance Window on selected Server" was not working on the Sensor Overview