New Features


  • Docker Statistics Sensor:

A new Sensor has been added which allows you to monitor a Docker Infrastructure. This Sensor requires that a small container app (GreenLight Docker API) needs to be installed on the target host. This small App acts as a gateway for the GreenLight Sensor which means that GreenLight accesses only certain endpoints within the Docker Infrastructure. This kind of setup was mainly done due to Docker Security reasons.

If you want to know which endpoints are used by GreenLight, feel free to drop us an e-mail where you can request this information

Details for the GreenLight Docker API (how to install) can be found on our GL Webhelp:


  • REST Service Sensor:

A new Sensor has been added which allows to send GET or POST Rest Calls via GreenLight. With this type of sensor one can retrieve valuable information from IBM Connections or from ANY other web service source. The Post event provides some basic functionality to post content based on different content-types (atom, xml, json...)



  • Domino DB Access Sensor:
    Added a functionality which allows you to set a DB Size threshold for all Domino Databases. You can set alerts based on an individual threshold. In addition to that you can run the Sensor to check the "percent-used" level for each Database.
    The Result is a list of applications which are below a certain percentage level, indicating that an admin should run maintenance tasks (e.g. compact) against these Databases



  • Linux Shell Script Sensor:
    Username and Password fields have been added and can be used within the Shell Script. Credentials are stored encrypted within the GreenLight SQL.

  • Domino Log Sensor:
    Sensor Output can now be saved via ramkin parameter as individual text files on the GreenLight Filesystem level. This allows you to parse the Text for unique keywords
    Use the following /opt/panagenda/ settings to activate this functionality  ((export or not export results to a file. default is false))<path>      ((directory for the file export. default is /tmp/greenlight))<prefix>  ((default is log_search_result_. Filename witll be log_search_result_<sensor id> ))

  • Domino DB Access Sensor:
    Notify if document count is unequal across db replicas.
    Whenever you perform a superficial against a single database across multiple servers (target list need to contain a Cluster definition - no matter if it is a real domino cluster or a GL cluster!) you can get now document count min and max values back which you can use for alerting purpose



  • HTML User Simulation Sensor:
    We improved the troubleshooting in a way that the sensor can dump the webpage html code to a text file in order to allow the admin to check what kind of html code page GreenLight "gets"
    Use the following /opt/panagenda/ settings to activate this functionality

greenlight.http.access.sensor.text.export.flag=true/false (default false)
greenlight.http.access.sensor.filename.prefix=<prefix>  (default http_access_sensor_export_)
greenlight.http.access.sensor.export.path=<path>  (default /tmp/greenlight/)


  • HTML User Simulation Sensor:
    Added a new condition for the RegEx Pattern.



  • Health Grid/Sensor Overview:
    Column Sorting and also the scroll position (Sensor Overview) are preserved until Admin reloads the Browser Window or Logout/Login.


  • LinuxShellScript Sensor:
    The Sensor will indicate a failure icon (red) if the filename of the ShellScript does not exist. (ErrorCode 9999)


  • Server Settings:
    Added filtering option on ServerSettings Tab.


  • Domino Task Sensor - Action Types:
    All actions underneath the Domino Task Sensor have now the same look and feel like in any other sensor (Action name field, etc.)



Bug Fix

  • Domino DB Access Sensor:
    Fixes a minor issue whenever you changed the Type from "All" to "Single Database"

  • EventLog:
    Fixes a minor issue where filtering for LinuxShellScript was not working


  • Sametime Statistics Sensor:
    Fixes an issue where the Statistic URL for the Sametime Community Statistics was not automatically added (/servlet/statistics)


  • Power Shell Sensor:
    Fixes a minor issue where in certain situations the save button did not appear


  • Health Grid - Domino Tasks column:
    Fixes an issue where in rare cases the Domino Task column indicated a strange icon set.

  • Domino Disk Statistics:
    Fixes an issue in the individual threshold settings

  • Domino Mailflow Analysis:
    Fixes an issue where the field type for PostedDate was changed