This is a mainly a bug fix version and has the same code-base like GL v3.5.0   (3.2.3 == 3.5.0)
Note: This will be the the last improvement version for all Appliances running on < v3.5 due to Platform Architecture switch! → GreenLight v3.5 !

(new Features will only be delivered to Appliances > 3.5)


  • GreenLight Reports

From now on , you will see only the last 45 days of Reports in the Report UI. If you want to see older reports, just enter the amount of days into the "Show Reports from last X days" field


  • SQL Table adjustments

IBM added new statistical keys (Domino Stats) where some of them exceeded the 255 character length.


Bug Fix

  • Domino DB Access Sensor

Fixed a case where Save/Close appeared even if no Domino Database has been entered.

  • Domino DB Access Sensor

Fixed an issue where in certain Situations Gigabyte Values where stored as Strings

  • Domino Console Command Action

The Console Command action Is now Static and Serializable