We just announce a minor release of GreenLight, the Monitoring Solution for HCL Domino and other platforms.
It is mainly a bugfix and improvement version.

The most notable improvements are listed below.

Adobe Flash - Information

This new version still requires an enabled Adobe Flash plugin in a webbrowser in order to configure sensors and server settings. The need to use flash in a browser will be very low since you rarely need to adjust server / sensor settings. The main used interface will be the new dashboard. Our intention is to move all remaining Flash elements to the new HTML5 code over the course of the next 4 -6 months.
We provide two ways how you can still use a webbrowser with adobe flash enabled.

  • Portable FireFox → see details
  • FireFox Browser on the virtual appliance of GL (by using vncviewer)

Login URLs

New Interface:  https://<gl appliance>/gl-monitor

Old Interface (flash):   https://<gl appliance>/vimes/vimes.html


Dashboards / Grids

  • Licensing Overview has been added to get a better understanding which server consumes a license
  • You can now flag a dashboard as favorite if you are not an owner of it
  • Reworked sensor websocket notifications
  • The column width of the Property column (Grid editor) is now retained
  • Grid Server list entries can now be easily selected/unselected
  • TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 disabled by default. TLS  1.2 and TLS 1.3 are now suppored any enabled

Bug Fix


  • Fixed an issue with websocket exceptions
  • Fixed an issue with the metabase application
  • Fixed an issue with the Dataminer API Login
Bug FixGrids / Dashboards / charts
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping server rows while editing/configuring a Grid
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistency with server card(s)
  • Fixed an issue where the Sensor Overview did not show sensor names in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Server Card wizard did not show any Server names
  • A discrepancy between old and new health grid data has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue in charts where the x-axis was showing wrong timestamps

Download the new Version

You can download v4.0.1 from the following Link(s):

Download Online version v4.0.1 (80 MB)

Download Offline version v4.0.1 (1.2 GB)

Please read the following Article about "Upgrading GreenLight": How to Update