We just announce a new major release of GreenLight, the Monitoring Solution for HCL Domino and others which is from now on competely built on HTML5 ( Adobe Flash is history).

IMPORTANT  This version includes a critical bug fix to address the Log4Shell vulnerability. Updating is highly recommended! IMPORTANT

The most notable features and improvements are listed below.

Important Information

Please make sure that you are using the latest GreenLight version 4.x before you run an update (upgrading from an elder release could cause issues) !
Please note, that IE 11 is not supported. Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge Chromium are the supported browser versions.


Server Configuration

The Servers Tab provides you the entry point of adding and configuring your individual servers and clusters. From now on you will also find a Sensors Tab in which you see all the sensors where the server is assigned to.


Sensor Configuration

The Sensors Tab is your configuration page where you can configure and adjust all of your Sensors. You can switch between the All nodes view vs. the indivual Server view for better depiction

Note: There are some sensors  which haven't been ported over to the HTML5 version yet. In case you have any of the following sensors configured, you might see this information:

Affected Sensors: Exchange Connectivity, Exchange Health, REST Service, Sametime MultiSite Simulation, Sametime Meeting Simulation, Windows PowerShell


Action Configuration

We offer a good set of possible actions which you know already from the previous versions.


Note: Some Action Types haven't been ported over to the HTML5 version. We decided to cut them out due to less importance at customers

Affected Actions: SNMP, Syslog Message, Windows Service Restart


Communication Configuration

All Communication Profiles are available. Configuring and retrieving WInServices and Performance counters from a Window Node is now much easier.


Report Configuration

All Report templates are available in the new UI. You can download every report directly as a CSV from the Grid itself.


System Configuration

The new System Configuration page provides you with the entry page of all necessary system items such as Server Discovery, License Upload, ID upload and maintenance actions.

New Feature

Dashboard Cloning

Public Dashboards from others can now be cloned and further adjusted within minutes. Instead if inventing a new dashboard from scratch you just take an existing one as the basis for your own dashboard. Just simply click on the clone icon and make use of this feature.

New Feature

Grid Cloning

Any Grids can now be cloned and further adjusted within minutes. Instead if inventing a new Grid from scratch you just take an existing one as the basis.

New Feature

Reports Data View

This page provides you with a central perspective where you can find every single report which has been generated in the past.


New Metabase Dashboard and Metabase Upgrade to version 0.40.7

A new Dashboard called Domino Statistics has been introduced within Metabase. In addition to that , Metabase got updated to version 0.40.4


License Overview

This unique View helps you to identify which server consumes a license and which one doesn't. This makes your life much easier because you know exactly which server got assigned into a Sensor and therefore consumes a server license

Health Grid Tab will be discontinued with the next Version. Customers are asked to use the new capabilities of Dashboards and Grids