We just announce a new minor release of GreenLight, the Monitoring Solution for HCL Domino and others.

IMPORTANT  This version includes a critical bug fix to address the Log4Shell vulnerability. Updating is highly recommended! IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT Given the recent vulnerabilities created all over the IT world and the subsequent library updates that were necessary to address these issues, we would like to remind all our customers to apply a foundation of security and safety measures when using our virtual appliances.

A simple and short but important list of boxes to check:

  • Enable automatic Linux package updates (at least security fixes)
  • Change default password for Linux root user
  • Change default password for Web admin user
  • Change default password for VNC Server connections

We provide our appliances with root access to make it easy to apply and adhere to your company's security policies for e.g. password quality, retention, etc. We strongly urge you to implement these guidelines. Not only vulnerabilities that make the news can pose a significant security threat.

Bug Fix

Metabase 0.41.6

A new Metabase version got added which covers the latest log4j vulnerability

Bug Fix


  • Fixed an issue where the Traveler User Activity Sensor ran into an error with more than 1 target server
  • Fixed an issue where the HTML User Simultion Sensor ran into an error with more than 1 target server if authentication has been used
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Node caused some timeout problem
  • other fixes

Health Grid Tab will be discontinued with the next Version. Customers are asked to use the new capabilities of Dashboards and Grids