We just announced a new release of GreenLight, the Monitoring Solution for HCL Domino and others.

The most notable features and improvements are listed below.

If GreenLight fails to start up after the upgrade, please check the following articles:

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Docker Daemon and Storage Driver= overlay2 setting :  Yum updates/upgrades


Backend Tomcat Version

The backend Tomcat version has been upgraded to the lastest version
Tomcat v9.0.82


Metabase Version

Metabase has been upgraded to v.0.47.7  (November 2023 build)


Domino Task Sensor

The calculation for the minage and maxage values of a domino task got improved. For instance a minage value of zero is not reflecting a problem anymore.


Domino Log Sensor

log.nsf name for the Domino Log sensor can now be specified in /opt/panagenda/appdata/volumes/gl/ramkin-config.properties with

greenlight.log.search.sensor.log.db.name (for all servers)

greenlight.log.search.sensor.log.db.name.servername (for a specific server – use the abbreviated server name in this case).

For example:

Bug Fix

Domino Task Sensor

A bug has been fixed in which the Tasks Sensor does not send anymore  "task down" alerts messages if the entire domino server is down and is therefore not reachable based on two Domino API Codes: 2055, 2562. 

You can download v4.5.10 from the following Link(s):

Download Online version (80 MB)

Download Offline version (1.2 GB)

Please read the following Article about "Upgrading GreenLight": How to Update