We just announced a new release of GreenLight, the Monitoring Solution for HCL Domino and others.

The most notable features and improvements are listed below.

IMPORTANT Before updating your GL appliance, please perform the following task.

  • connect via ssh to your GL appliance
  • enter: 
vim /opt/panagenda/appdata/gl/config

  • add the following line at the bottom of the file and save/close it



Backend Java Version

The backend Java version has been upgraded to the lastest version 8. 
Java v1.8.0_333


Backend Tomcat Version

The backend Tomcat version has been upgraded to the lastest version
Tomcat v9.0.62

Bug Fix

Authentication Profiles

A bug was fixed where the auth. test button in the authentication profile did not work in various scenarios

Bug Fix

Linux Shell Script Action

A bug was fixed that checkboxes for the status reset of a Shell Script Action were not saved