The Sensor retrieves important information when it comes to analyzing device information of all user device. This includes the Sync status, HW/SW information, and many other things.

Note: it doesn't matter if your traveler server uses SSLv2,v3 or TLS 1.2 only, GreenLight can connect to any of those (TLS v1.2 support since GL v.3.1).


On the Basic Settings Tab , please specify all necessary information including an account which has enough privileges to retrieve devices data.

Advanced Settings Tab should be adjusted in case you are not using Basic Authentication (for Form authentication, please change the Authentication URL to /names.nsf?Login)

VIP User Tab can be used to specify important users in your organization. Please make sure you add them as following:  Stefan Fried/panagenda



Whenever you open up a server and expand the Traveler Details section, you would see something like this




Identifying which devices have not synced for a very long time is pretty important