Interim Fix 6 for FP10 introduces a range of issues with Notes client version information.

If you are using MarvelClient 10, we advise against using IF6 for the time being.
On MarvelClient 6 and older, you need to carefully evaluate your conditions to make sure they still work as expected.


Major Version Wrong

Notes reports itself as having a major version of 900, instead of 9.

QMR Wrong

Notes reports itself as having a QMR of 11, instead of 1.

QMU Wrong

Notes reports itself as having a QMU of 0, instead of 10.

Basically, the client reports its version as "900.0.11 FP0" instead of "9.0.1 FP10". Please note that the release string itself is correct, but other version information provided on an API level (which is used by software such as MarvelClient) is affected.

Effects on MarvelClient

Since MarvelClient 10 uses the major version internally to control the behavior of several key features, the detection of the unknown major version 900 leads to MC disabling most of its functionality. This is done as a precaution, as to not inadvertently damage any data. So until an update of MC 10 is rolled out, most MC actions will not work on IF6.

Furthermore, for all versions of MarvelClient: Any conditions that check for certain client versions might no longer work as intended; causing the wrong actions to run or not run.
For example, an action limited via condition to only run on Notes 9.0.1 will not run any more, since the version returned by Notes is now 900.0.11. Even worse, an action set to only run on Notes version >=10 will now also run on 9.0.1 FP10 IF6 (since it is version 900).

Next Steps

We have already released a new version (10.0.7) which solves the major version issue by hardcoding version 900 to be taken as version 9 (it is unlikely that Notes will ever reach version 900). A further release to fix other issues with version information is also in the works, but we are still collecting data and customer feedback on other issues encountered.

Until then we advise against using IF6, if you are also using MarvelClient 10.
On MarvelClient 6 and older, you need to carefully evaluate your conditions.

Keep an eye on our release notes for MarvelClient 10, and follow for more information on Interim Fixes.