“MarvelClient has reduced our support calls by 70 to 80 percent”

Raoul Morik, IT-Admin at Julius Blum

Client Analytics

MarvelClient provides you with clear analytical data and constantly up-to-date insights into your entire client inventory. The collected information includes IBM Notes client versions, desktop icons, bookmarks, notes.ini parameters, Eclipse settings, client hardware / software and so much more. Start with Free Analyze today.

Client Management

Proactively avoid problems using MarvelClient through efficient and permanent optimization. Complex server migrations and server consolidations become a walk in the park: All your changes are executed reliably. And with up to 15,000 changes per second, MarvelClient is the world’s fastest client management solution.

Basic vs. Standard

MarvelClient comes in two editions to perfectly match your IBM Notes client base: MarvelClient Basic covers all your client analytics and management needs for IBM Notes Basic clients. On top of that, MarvelClient Standard also puts you in control of your Eclipse settings, sidebar plugins and much more.

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What does client management mean?

Notes Client Management exists in all companies, but in different forms. One can either try to solve all problems with IBM Desktop Policies, or practice the inefficient yet very common one-on-one client management i.e. identifying and resolving problems when an end user logs it to the helpdesk.

Client management with panagenda MarvelClient means avoiding helpdesk calls in advance through efficient and seamless optimization. Ensure that your desired client configuration is loaded at every client startup. From a new employee’s first client startup to new devices for existing staff as well as every single client startup. MarvelClient completely personalizes and optimizes all your clients. From laptops and desktops to virtual clients (Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, VDI) and IBM Notes browser plug-in clients.

What can I configure and standardize with MarvelClient Manage?

Principally, the possibilities with MarvelClient are very diverse. Some popular examples include:

  • Desktop and Citrix clients get a connection document, laptops get two
  • Depending on their department and role, employees are automatically privy to certain databases
  • Manage Desktop Icons, Bookmarks, local Replicas, Replicator pages and Replicator settings
  • Immediate rollout and removal of plugins for the sidebar – without repetitive rebooting the clients
  • Configuring social components, such as IBM Sametime and IBM Connections settings
  • Environment documents are always synchronized with the public address book – including delegates
  • Regular clean-up for optimal client stability and performance

Can I use MarvelClient to preconfigure IBM Notes clients on new devices?

Yes, you can configure all client settings according to company-specific or department-specific stipulations for the initial setup.

What makes MarvelClient so special?

With panagenda MarvelClient you get absolute control over all your IBM Notes clients. This allows for cost-optimized operation all year round and keeps your clients up-to-date.

The initial client setup, efficient roaming, and endless configuration options are just some of the reasons that make MarvelClient a state-of-the-art solution.With up to 15,000 changes per second, MarvelClient is the world’s fastest IBM Notes client management solution!

How can I prevent 80% of helpdesk calls with MarvelClient?

MarvelClient offers you a variety of ways to resolve user problems even before they arise. This starts with self-healing clients, where unintentional misconfigurations are reset when restarting, and ends with the automatic takeover of server-side changes, such as consolidations and server migrations. There is so much more between these spectrums: for example, the real-time monitoring of the clients preventing unwanted actions to be taken by specific users or groups, such as deleting databases (locally or on the server) even if the necessary rights exist.

What are IBM Notes Client solutions?

In order to provide you with exactly the range of functions you need, we divided MarvelClient into several modules. That way you only pay for what you really need.

The MarvelClient product consists of Analyze, Manage and Migrate in the MarvelClient Basic version; the MarvelClient Standard version additionally includes the Eclipse module. Our other standalone modules are:

  • Roaming
  • Upgrade
  • Mail
  • Cloud Onboarding
  • Automate
  • Realtime

What makes a comprehensive client analysis so valuable?

The lack of insight into the basis of an IBM Notes client landscape poses major problems for companies. MarvelClient always gives you an instant view of your entire Notes client inventory. MarvelClient Analyze provides the following details about your Notes client configuration:

  • Performance measurements and identification of bottlenecks
  • Setup and configuration inconsistencies
  • IBM Notes client versions and setup details
  • Desktop Icons
  • Bookmarks
  • Replicator page entries
  • Local replicas and databases (including the important ODS and build version information)
  • notes.ini
  • ID file and security configuration details
  • Eclipse settings
  • Location and connection documents, accounts and certificates
  • Collecting the hardware and software inventory

What exactly is the MarvelClient Cloud Readiness Check?

MarvelClient allows you to easily evaluate whether your IBM Notes client environment is ready for your cloud onboarding. Get insight into the most successful configuration details to help you prepare your client landscape for an optimal cloud migration. Even during and after cloud onboarding, MarvelClient offers a full perspective through an overview of the progress during your cloud migration and the preparation of numerous settings for optimal operation of your clients.

Can I change Eclipse settings with MarvelClient?

Yes. For instance, you can define that the starter is docked at client startup, the standard browser of the operating system replaces the integrated IBM Notes browser, or the feed reader is hidden in the sidebar – and of course much more!

Can I also install Eclipse Sidebar Plugins with MarvelClient?

Yes. Install, uninstall, and even configure.

Can I also configure Sametime Communities with MarvelClient?

Yes. You can add missing Sametime communities, modify or remove existing communities, and set specific communities as default. In addition to this you can make sure that only certain fields / areas of the Sametime community configurations are managed or changed by MarvelClient. The rest is left up to the user.

Can I also use MarvelClient for really big consolidations?

Yes, no problem for the fastest client management solution out there!

One of our client’s largest consolidation projects would have been virtually impossible without MarvelClient. It consisted moving well over 100,000 users and thousands of applications. On over a thousand Microsoft Windows servers, spread out over various sites, to less than 100 centralized new Unix machines in two data centers.

Overall, MarvelClient led 25 billion changes within two years.

Does MarvelClient also exist for Microsoft Outlook?

The Zip / Unzip module is already available for Outlook clients. Many other client management features for Outlook environments are currently under development and will be available soon.

How does MarvelClient help with the initial configuration of Notes clients?

MarvelClient can save you hundreds and thousands of hours of work by automating setup and position- or department-specific personalizing of end-user Notes clients. In combination with SecurityInsider, application deployment is also possible based on Notes groups.

Using MarvelClient, you can simply and reliably define how your clients should look from the very beginning. The configuration options include: environment and connection documents, cross-certificates, ECL settings, notes.ini entries, desktop icons, bookmarks, replicas and replicator pages, Eclipse settings, plugins for the sidebar, IBM Samtetime, IBM Connections and much more.

Is MarvelClient Analyze really free?

MarvelClient Analyze is free in its first year when you request test licenses from other MarvelClient modules.

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