MarvelClient gives you control over all your IBM Notes client configurations ensuring smooth operations all year round. From the initial client setup, unique roaming and continuous implementation of desired settings, to keeping clients up-to-date smartly.

For a better understanding of what MarvelClient is capable of with regards to mass changes: One of the larger consolidation projects – which would have been virtually impossible without MarvelClient – involved moving well over 100,000 users and thousands of applications from more than 1,000 multi-site Microsoft Windows servers to less than 100 centralized new Unix machines across two data centers.

With up to 15,000 changes per second, panagenda MarvelClient is the world’s fastest client management solution for IBM Notes. Year in and year out, MarvelClient takes care of billions of changes and optimal client configurations for our customers.

From the hundreds of ways in which panagenda MarveClient optimizes your IBM Notes client, the most prominent that should help guide your decision include:

  • Central IBM Notes client management
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by up to 80%
  • Achieve best (cold and warm) client startup times
  • Roaming, including Citrix, WTS, VDI and Connections Cloud
  • Seamless client setups, upgrades and updates

In order to offer the right individual solution for you, MarvelClient is divided into ten modules:


MarvelClient Platforms:

IBM Notes Basic Client, IBM Notes Standard Client, IBM Notes Browser Plugin, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Citrix, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, VDI

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