The documentation topics will help you understand what MarvelClient is, how it works and how you can install and use it within your organization.

Tip: Press [F1] at any time in the MarvelClient Configuration and Analyze databases for context-sensitive help.

The following table lists various details regarding wording across the various documents in this documentation:

Various trademarksAll company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated.
Examples: HCL, HCL Notes, HCL Domino, Intel, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Citrix, WTS (Windows Terminal Server), Apple, Macintosh, Mac, Linux.
HCL / IBM Notes, Lotus NotesThe HCL (IBM) Notes client, formerly called Lotus Notes.
HCL Domino, Lotus DominoThe HCL Domino server, formerly called (IBM) Lotus Domino (or Lotus Notes server, even)
HCL NomadThe HCL Nomad app for mobile devices.
(Microsoft) WindowsFor ease of reading, unless otherwise noted, "Microsoft Windows" also means Citrix, WTS (Windows Terminal Server), as well as the Notes Browser Plugin.
MCShort for panagenda MarvelClient
MC ConfigShort for MarvelClient Configuration database
MC AnalyzeShort for MarvelClient Analyze database
GEShort for panagenda GroupExplorer
SIShort for panagenda SecurityInsider