These are the detailed release notes for the parts of MarvelClient that live in databases, such as the Config DB and the Analyze DB.

For a high-level overview of all changes, please take a look the main document for this release: MarvelClient 11.0

For information about newer templates that were released for Notes 12.0, please visit MC 12.0 - Database Release Notes

Releases in reverse chronological order:

Release 2021-04-26 - 20210426114500

Config DB - General


The Config database now displays a history icon  top left above the Navigator to switch between the last used views

ENHANCEMENTThe MarvelClient Upgrade Configuration Wizard has been enhanced on the Data Migration tab for easier creation of New Data zip files
ENHANCEMENTThe MarvelClient Upgrade Configuration Wizard now supports the upcoming "MarvelClient Upgrade 25"
ENHANCEMENTThe MarvelClient Upgrade Configuration Wizard now validates installer filenames for blanks (blanks in installer filenames lead to upgrade error due to msiexec, not MarvelClient Upgrade)
FIX / ENHANCEMENTImproved display of usernames in the XML preview of Access Definitions
FIXFixed an issue where an empty Analyze URL field in the Online Update form resulted in an unhandled error
FIXFixed an (non-)issue where Online Update did not download new Essentials binaries, if available, for MCUpgrade Free licenses
FIXFixed links for MarvelClient 12.0 binaries in the OnlineUpdate version check dialog
FIXFixed a problem introduced in the 20210401 template where the frameset navigator could be blank after an OnlineUpdate

Analyze DB


The Analyze database now displays a history icon  top left above the Navigator to switch between the last used views

Release 2021-04-01 - 20210401115600

Config DB - General

ENHANCEMENTImproved the display and functionality of the navigator for Nomad clients.
CHANGERemoved a misleading error message in the SecurityInsider Sync Agent log if the SecurityInsider configuration document does not exist.
FIXIf a stub actions.xml is created, the conditions for all the stub actions are also included.

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTImproved the display and functionality of the navigator for Nomad clients.
CHANGEAdded a "Don't show this again" checkbox for the new messagebox that warns if an XSLT document is not enabled.
FIXMarvelClient version was not being properly parsed for some early releases of the 12.0 DLL.
FIXA language tag in the Advanced views section of the navigator was incorrect, when the database was being used by "MCUpgrade Only" users.

Release 2021-03-16 - 20210316144100

Config DB - General

CHANGEUpdated "Allow creation of local system databases" example condition so the regex includes the mc_localstore.nsf database.

Client Data Collection improvements:

  • Fixed an "item not found in index" error in the email configuration document.
  • Fixed a problem where the collection could fail if the Eclipse data directory is not found.
  • An error message is now displayed if MarvelClient is not installed on the client that is doing the data collection.
FIXOld "advanced" actions of type Get Eclipse Config, Notes @Formula, RegEx, and Escape String could be incorrectly changed to a runtype of "Run on Reference Only" if they were modified and resaved.
FIXFixed an error "Can't append list to a null item" that could happen if a large number of dll, plugin, and/or template versions were chosen for download when doing an Online Update.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

CHANGEAll MCUpgrade Wizard actions now use the same runtype (FSAC).
FIXFixed an error in the MCUpgrade Wizard if the decimal separator in the Full Package Selection was not "."
FIXINI Management actions created by MCUpgrade sometimes displayed hidden table rows when viewed in the Notes client.
FIXUpgrade path can now be defined as an absolute path.

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTThe Notes - by Notes & MC Release view now indicates if the Eclipse plugin is found on a client that is running Notes in Basic mode.
ENHANCEMENTLocal Databases - by Filename view is now categorized by filename first.
ENHANCEMENTNew options for 'Cleanup MCUpgrade' in the Cleanup Configuration document: Delete MCUpgrade results by package names once, and Delete MCUpgrade results older than # of days.
CHANGEIf you open a view that contains data produced by an XSLT document, and that XSLT document is disabled, a messagebox is now displayed to indicate that new data for that view won't be created unless the XSLT document is enabled.
FIXXPages content would sometimes use Times New Roman font.

Release 2021-01-22 - 20210122121100

Config DB - General


Initial release with Change Logging.

The Config database now logs changes when Actions are modified, so you have a record of what changed and when. 

Changes to the Action XML can be seen in the Advanced - Logs view, in the new "Changelog" category. The logs will only appear after changes are made with an updated Config database template (changes made using older templates will not be available).

CHANGEThe Automate agent now also uses the "no access" field from SecurityInsider, to check for users who have been explicitly denied access to a database.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI


When using URL as a download location on the Distribution tab of a Configuration document, you now have the following new options:

  • Username
  • Proxy server
  • Follow redirects
  • Close connection after each chunk
  • Additional URL options
FIXFixed a problem where hashes were not being updated when an Installer was reindexed in an Installer document.

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTOS/HW - by OS Username view is now also categorized by domain name, and the view was renamed to "by OS Domain\Username".
ENHANCEMENTAudit agent log documents now have a counter to indicate how many documents were processed successfully and how many documents had errors (if any).
ENHANCEMENTAudit agent log documents now record the name of the user (or scheduled agent signer) who ran the agent, along with that user's roles.

Release 2020-12-18 - 20201218103500

Config DB - General

FIXFixed a problem with the Mail-based installer, where a client running MarvelClient Essentials in "full" mode could get the wrong filename when an updated DLL is installed in the data directory.

Analyze DB

FIXFixed a crash in the Mac client when using the "Audit Selected" button.

Release 2020-12-16 - 20201216103500

Config DB - General

ENHANCEMENTAdded replication priority options to the Desktop Icon and the Application/Mailfile actions.
CHANGEDescription text on Abort Notes Launch action form now displays the selected action runtype.
CHANGETemporarily remove the delay limited replication setting in the Roaming action. This was added in a previous non-public template for testing, and it will be re-added in a later template after testing is complete.
FIXSection names can now be specified when using the "Custom .ini file" option of the *.ini and Variables action.

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTAdded replica id to PostProcessing view to make it easier to spot local databases with the same replica id.

Release 2020-12-07 - 20201207161500

Config DB - General

NEWAdded time conditions (days of week, start and end times) to mail blocking action. Requires DLL 11.0.38 or higher.
ENHANCEMENTOnline Update document now has a tab that displays license details after update.
ENHANCEMENTAdd options for "Send outgoing mails" and "Send outgoing internet mail" to Replicator Page action.
FIXIf a "CreateOrUpdateMCUpgrade" error occurs during Online Update, continue to get all the update files before returning an error.
FIXModified the DesktopIcon action form, so it no longer tries to read the high color icon when the form is saved, if that option is deselected.
FIXFix "Prevent creation of local databases" example action, so the Allow option is properly set.

Added validation code to Location action to prevent newline characters from being added to Mail File and Mail Server fields.

NEW / ENHANCEMENTThe Application/Mailfile (aka DesktopIcon) Action has been enhanced with an additional option on the Desktop Options tab.
When enforcing cluster member icons, a new option can be set to enforce a cluster member lookup if cluster.ncf does not exist yet.
Requires MC DLL >= 11.0.38

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTAdded new agents to remove user* fields from all or selected user upload documents, for customers who previously collected information for those fields from the config.xml files and now want to remove them. These fields are no longer read from config.xml using the managed panagenda XSLT files.
FIXFixed a JavaScript error when clicking links in the user upload documents.
FIXModified the code that updates XSLT documents when templates are updated, to allow multiple managed XSLT docs with the same name, and to make sure any managed XSLT docs that are disabled will remain disabled after update.
FIXFixed numeric column display in Recent Apps view for Nomad.
FIXFixed the "Send outgoing mail" labels in the Add Ons - Replication and Sync views if Internet mail was used.
FIXPrevent the Audit agent from sending notification emails, if the Audit process has already sent the emails after being run manually.
FIXFix a potential "Cleanup ERROR 91 in line 582: Object variable not set" in Cleanup agent, improved error handling overall.
FIXFixed errors in PostProcessing agent that could occur if the catalog.nsf database did not exist on the server.

Release 2020-11-02 - 20201102095600

Config DB - General

FIXFixed an issue where the field to store the MCUpgrade.mcu and/or MCUpgrade_PublicKey.sig file was not visible in all relevant cases
FIXFixed an issue where publishing could fail silently when Elevation was set to Static configuration
FIXFixed an isse where the Upgrade wizard would switch from the Setup tab to Distribution when the form was refreshed
CHANGEChanged the title of the field "Encrypted key file" on the Elevation tab to "Elevation file(s)", as depending on settings, none, one or all of MCUpgrade.mcu and MCUpgrade_PublicKey.sig are required
NEWAdded a new option "Freestyle" configuration next to Full Client(+FP) and FP only, to, for example, only migrate directories without installing anything, or for otherwise custom configurations in elevated context
NEWAdded a new tab "Citrix" for Citrix/Windows Terminal Server (WTS) optimization; requires MCUpgrade >= 11.0.47
NEWAdded a new option "Install Service" on the Elevation tab; requires MCUpgrade >= 11.0.47
NEWAdded a new option to configure on the Setup tab

Release 2020-10-23 - 20201023142600

Config DB - General


New tab for License Details on the Online Update form. Displays information about the entitlements and expiration date of the license that was used for Online Update.

ENHANCEMENTAdded an example action for changing a user's availability hours for Mail Calendar Scheduling, including a comment about how to properly set the timezone.
CHANGEAdded a "Send To" button on the Client Data Collection form. Also, the Data Collection documents no longer send on save; the new button must be used in order to send the form.
CHANGEThe alias example on the Eclipse Config form now uses the entries on the document to generate the example alias, to make it easier to understand.
FIXOn newer Notes clients, the outline entries in the navigator would sometimes scroll to the top whenever a section in the outline was expanded. We found a way to fix this.

Changes to the ".ini and Variables" action:

  • Changed the XML for the remove action, to make it work properly with versions of the DLL that were expecting a value.
  • Fixed a problem for this action where backslashes in regex values were not properly escaped for "Only if matches" conditions.
  • Fixed a problem where the "Only if matches" condition for a remove action was ignored.
FIXFixed a problem where renaming a Condition might not propagate changes to all actions that use that condition.

Fixed a problem where the "Offline replica maximum attachment size" value in the UI was rounded, but the unrounded value was used in the action XML.

FIXFix for an error dialog indicating that the k_type field was incorrect, when printing a User Preferences action from a view.

Modified the Profile Document action form so time-range type fields are displayed properly in all rows.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI


Fixed a problem where disabling the "Manage root notes.ini" option would cause the "Prepare or Public Upgrade" button not to work properly (no actions were generated).

FIXFixed a problem where the Initiator feature might not create all the required SourceDirectoryInitURL lines in the generated MCUpgrade.ini file.
FIXMC_NetworkDirectory is now only validated if a customer has a roaming license, otherwise it is not written to the root notes.ini.

Analyze DB


All XSLT documents used for parsing XML uploads now have descriptions indicating what they do.

FIXOn newer Notes clients, the outline entries in the navigator would sometimes scroll to the top whenever a section in the outline was expanded. We found a way to fix this.
FIXFixed "Error 4005 gathering server stats on line 33" in PostServerStats agent, that could happen if the view being processed was modified while the agent was running.

Release 2020-09-18 - 20200918141300

Config DB - General


New Action for Nomad Application Restrictions. Requires HCL Nomad 1.0.8 or higher, on iOS only.

The following restrictions can be enabled or disabled via MarvelClient:

    • Adding attachments from the mobile device (including photos)
    • Importing attachments from the mobile device (including photos)
    • Viewing attachments
    • Cut/copy/paste operations
    • Opening the Notes mail file
    • Enabling local replication and offline replicas
    • Setting the maximum size of attachments
    • Locking the maximum size of attachments so users can't change the value
    • Allowing biometric authentication (FaceID or TouchID) to unlock Nomad

Various small enhancements and fixes for Mailbased installation:

    • Added descriptive text for the Send To option
    • Closing and saving the Mailbased Installation document will no longer ask to send; you must use the "Send To" button
    • If you enable binaries in the DLL update view, there is now a prompt that reminds you to update the binaries on the Mailbased Installation PostOpen script.
FIXValues of type "Time Range" in a Profile Document action now display the full value instead of only the time part of the value.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

NEWAdded a new "Forward" right-click option to the MarvelClient Upgrade views, allowing you to easily send the full upgrade results information via email.
CHANGEUpdated Russian language translations.
CHANGE / NEWNew option for Initiator in Upgrade Config wizard, allowing you to specify a different source directory for the Initiator, and also allowing you to decide whether or not to allow local fallback.
FIXImproved validation of directories in Upgrade Config wizard.

Analyze DB


The Cleanup and PostProcessing actions will now run after the Audit process if no Audit Configuration document has been created.

NOTE: If you have a Cleanup Configuration document defined (from the Administration/Cleanup & More option in the navigator), the parameters in this document are used when the Cleanup action runs. Please check this document to make sure the parameters are valid for your environment.

CHANGEThe Cleanup action is now enabled by default on new Configuration documents. Existing Configuration documents will not be affected.
CHANGEThe "Cleanup & More" action now runs in the background, to avoid blocking the client while it runs.
CHANGEThe number of history documents imported or exported by Roaming Import/Export is now limited to 1000 by default. You can change this with the MC variable <mc:bmroam_bm_history_max_docs>
FIXRoaming Import now only creates history documents that are newer than the newest history documents in bookmarks.nsf.
FIXFixed a potential "ERROR (Initialize) 6 in Line 171: Overflow" in the Roaming Import agent.
FIXFixed a problem where the "Cleanup & More" agent would not send email to users who were stuck in a "waiting to be sent" state.

Release 2020-09-02 - 20200902140000

Config DB - General


The INI Management action (*.ini & Variables) includes the following new options: JSON, XML, and .ini file without section.

You can now read and write entries in those file types, in the same way you could read and write from Notes.ini and other .ini files before.

CHANGE / NEWManaged Mail Replicas (MMR) are now supported on Nomad.

You can now use field values retrieved by the Profile Document action as references in other actions, using a syntax of <alias:field_fieldname>.

An example is shown at the bottom of the action form. You will need to give the action an Alias name on the Admin tab:

CHANGE / NEWThe "Notes 11 Theme" option was added to the Eclipse Preferences action.
CHANGEThe "Upload Audit/Monitoring Data into Analyze Database" example action now uses <ini:MC_UploadDB> for the filename.
FIXThe (Re)Compute Packets button on the Smart File Downloader action requires a chunk size, and if the chunk size changes, the packets must be recomputed before saving the document.
FIXFixed Online Update "Error in ApplyUpdate Line 338" when Japanese is selected as the only additional language.
FIXThe Password and Submit tag fields in the Eclipse Sametime Migration action form are now optional if SAML is chosen as the authentication type.
ENHANCEMENTView column icons have been updated and have better hover text.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXMCUpgrade actions will no longer appear as "(not categorized)" after clicking "Prepare or Publish Upgrade".
FIXFixed a problem where directory paths with Unicode characters did not work properly when using the "Index Installer(s)" buttons on the MCUpgrade Config form.

Analyze DB

ENHANCEMENTView column icons have been updated and have better hover text.

Release 2020-07-16 - 20200716150700

Config DB - General

NEWAdded a new Action Eclipse\ELI. Launcher Icons to manage the new launcher icon images for Notes >= 11.
FIXFixed a missing translation for the Edit button in the Nomad Recent Apps Action.
ENHANCEMENTThe Application/Mailfile (desktop icon) action now also allows to manage the full text index for local databases.
ENHANCEMENTThe Nomad Recent Apps Action now also allows to manage a user's mail file, local bookmark.nsf and names.nsf.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXFixed an issue where the option to also run an upgrade during client shutdown was only effective for first-time published upgrade, but did not update already previously published upgrades.

Source filepath / URL are now also editable when distributing files without MC, leading to a corresponding MCUpgrade.ini entry SourceDirectoryInit. This new entry only becomes effective when MCUpgrade.exe is executed outside of the UpgradeDirectory, UpgradeDirectory is not set in MCUpgrade.ini, or MCUpgrade.ini is missing.

SourceDirectoryInit overrides HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\panagenda\MarvelClient\Upgrade\SourceDirectoryInit.


At the end of publishing an upgrade, the question "Do you want to copy the installers to the stage directory, too?" has been changed to "Do you want to copy the installers to the publish directory, too?". This will create a clean publish directory (on the same level as build and stage) with only the relevant upgrades components in them.

Requires MCUpgrade 11.0.33 or newer to support automatic unzipping of


MCUpgrade 11.0.33 and newer no longer send SMTP Emails upon deferral. Instead, STMP info emails are sent, which can be disabled (=NEW) on the Tracking tab if Deferral is enabled. When re-publishing an upgrade with MarvelClient Upgrade releases < 11.0.33, you will get two deferral notifications unless you disable the new tracking option.

ENHANCEMENTUpdated the instructions for PostOpen Script based Installations for Notes 11.

Analyze DB


The pre-existing, but not enabled by default, functionality of PostProcessing Analyze content is now generally available and has been improved significantly.

If you would like to use it, enable execution of PostProcessing via the Audit agent via Administration\Audit Configuration

Alternatively, you can also select any number of documents in the Users\* views and run Actions\Y. Postprocessing.

The new Postprocessing feature will be further enhanced in future releases.


Added several new views for PostProcessing:

Desktop Catalog Sync.

This new view is synchronized with your database catalog (catalog.nsf on the same server as the Analyze database where the audit agent runs, or when run via client, on that user's mailserver).

It shows which icons on end users' desktops were:

    • found in the catalog
    • found in the catalog but only on different servers
    • not found in catalog but other databases for the same server were still found
    • not found in catalog and not a single other databases was found for the same server

NOTE: You need a replicated domain catalog. If you would like to use this functionality but need us to support a different setup, please contact panagenda support.

Local Databases\by Filename

This new view has the following toplevel categories:

    • duplicate replica ids on clients
    • duplicate mail files with same replica id on clients
    • non-duplicate/unique mail replicas
    • non-duplicate/databases which are a replica from a serverside database according to the catalog
    • non-duplicate/unique databases

Local Databases\by ODS Distance

This new view shows how much older the ODS of each local database is compared to the user's Notes release:

    • 10 critical (system) = names.nsf (local personal addressbook) for which the ODS does not exactly match that of the Notes release (leading to stability issues and Domino policies not working)
    • 15 critical = any local database for which the ODS is newer than the Notes release of the user (meaning that the user cannot open the database)
    • 20 warning (system) = log.nsf, bookmark.nsf, cache.ndk and the users desktop file (file depends on Notes release), for any ODS distance > 2
    • 25 warning = local databases for any ODS distance > 2 - the higher the number the greater the delta between Notes release and ODS
    • 30 bad (system) = same as "warning (system)" above, but for an ODS distance of 1 or 2
    • 35 bad = same as "warning" above, but for an ODS distance of 1 or 2
    • *good* = local databases for which the ODS corresponds to the Notes release

Local Databases\by NTF Inheritance, \by BuildVer & File, and\by File & BuildVer

These new views will show information about the templates used by local databases, including:

    • whether the databases have relative, absolute, or network paths
    • which template is being used by a given database (if any)
    • whether there are duplicate templates for a given database

The "BuildVer" views have categories that display the notes:version_number to understand whether local databases are based on older template versions.

Unfortunately, not all locally created databases like names.nsf and similar have this information ...

NEWAdded a form to better visualize Mail Archive settings collected by the optional "X. Addon Collect Mail Archive Details" agent.
FIX / ENHANCEMENTThe "X. Addon Collect Mail Archive Details" agent has been enhanced to also report on archive settings, even if the archive cannot be opened.

Improved behavior when opening a user document from any detail document (desktop, notes.ini etc.).

Previously it was only attempted by replica id, potentially searching for the user document in the replica on the top of the MC Analyze icon stack. Now, the Analyze database first checks whether the user document can be found by current file path, with fallback to replica id.

Release 2020-06-16 - 20200616123000

Config DB - General

FIXFixed an OnlineUpdate issue using the option "Install prepared update" where mc_analyze_ntf_xxx was unzipped as mc.ntf.
FIXFixed an OnlineUpdate issue using the option "Install prepared update" where was not installed.
FIXFixed an issue where the new authentication URL option in RoamingRollback Actions computed a wrong XML tag.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXFixed an issue in the MarvelClient Upgrade wizard, where fixpacks only could not be published any more.
FIXFixed an issue in the MarvelClient Upgrade wizard, where the new option "deploy file(s) in one go" did not work (chunk size was < total file size).
ENHANCEMENTInstall instructions are now automatically populated if empty.

Release 2020-06-08 - 20200608181900

Config DB - General

FIXFixed an issue where Bookmark Actions did not compute the correct runtype upon (re)saving.
FIXFixed an issue where MassChange Actions did not compute the correct runtype upon (re)saving.
NEWAdded support for selective replication in Application/Mailfile Actions.
FIXFixed an issue where the XML was not displayed in Toolbar Actions.
FIXHopefully fixed an issue where the All Actions\by Type view was occasionally not collapsible for some customers.
FIXFixed an issue where missing languages would display "The tag xxx does not exist" - now, displayed text will fall back to English in case of missing language/mismatch of selected and available languages.
FIXFixed an issue where newly created Desktop Icon/Application/MailFile Actions did not display a placeholder icon.
FIXFixed an issue where HTTP Roaming Actions did not always have a runtype selected.
FIXFixed an issue where SecurityInsider Sync would not report on errors.
FIXFixed an issue where the XML tag for the optional authentication URL for HTTP Roaming Actions was web_auth_url instead of web_url_auth.
ENHANCEMENTSmartFileDownload Actions now also allow for any chunk size independent of JavaMaxHeapSize.
ENHANCEMENTOnce on this new template (or future versions), Online Update will also maintain the RunOnBehalfOf setting for the HTTP mailfile backup support agent.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXFixed an issue where the Data Migration folders were not always updated when selecting a full client package and later switching from "Fast track/Super eays" to "Give me all options".
FIXFixed an issue where opening MarvelClient Upgrade Config Wizard documents in read mode would only show one tab in the lower table.

Fixed an issue where manual categorization of MCUpgrade Actions was overwritten upon re-publishing.

Before manually categorizing your MCUpgrade actions after applying this update, you must FIRST republish any existing upgrade configurations that you want to categorize freely. After creating new upgrade configurations or re-publishing your existing ones you can freely categorize them.  

FIXFixed the default DATA directories for ICAA/HCAA Multiuser installations from ...\HCL\HCAA\Data to ...\HCL\Notes\Data, respectively ...\IBM\ICAA\Data to ...\IBM\Notes\Data.
NEWThe Distribution tab now allows to select whether SmartFileDownloader Documents should be chunked into 50MB chunks or one single chunk.
CHANGEIn simple mode, prompts for whether the data migration directories (which are not visible in simple mode) are no longer displayed.
ENHANCEMENTFast track/simple mode now also displays the Advanced tab to preview MCUpgrade.ini.

Analyze DB

FIXFixed an issue where missing languages would display "The tag xxx does not exist" - now, displayed text will fall back to English in case of missing language/mismatch of selected and available languages.
FIXFixed a couple of messages/strings in the collect support data button on the Welcome Screen.

Release 2020-05-26 - 20200526142900

Config DB - General


Fixed an issue in OnlineUpdate, where sometimes it would display the following error: "Form has been deleted. The application design may be out of date. Try updating the application design."

This error did never interfere with OnlineUpdate itself, it just prevented a final dialog with detailed info about the updated components from being displayed. The components are now instead shown in the OnlineUpdate form itself, on a new tab next to the "Progress"-tab.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXFixed an issue where instructions in MCUpgrade wizard were 000 based instead of 001 based.

Release 2020-05-20 - 20200520162700

Config DB - General


The Cloud Migration action now has new options to better deal with cases where the old mail file cannot be opened.

With this release, the action will do the following to find the path to the old mail file:

  • If the option "Use stored value from profile" is enabled, and it can find a mail database location that was stored in the profile by the Cloud Migration Preparation action, it will try to open the mail database at that path. If it opens, that path will be used.
  • If the option "Use stored value from notes.ini" is enabled, and it can find a mail database location that was stored in the notes.ini by the Cloud Migration Preparation action, it will try to open the mail database at that path. If it opens, that path will be used.
  • If the option "Use stored value from location" is enabled, and it can find a mail database location in the currently active location document that is not pointing to a new server (as indicated by the pattern), it will try to open the mail database at that path. If it opens, that path will be used.
  • If "Abort if old mail file cannot be found" is enabled, and none of the three options above could open the mail file, the action will abort here.
  • If the option is disabled, and "Skip/fail steps if old mail file cannot be opened" is enabled, the action will assume no old mail file can be found and further steps will behave accordingly. (This would match the behavior of the previous version).
  • If both options above are disabled, the action will try to use an old mail DB location without opening (and thereby verifying) it. It will use the first of the mail database locations that can be found by the first three steps.
  • If "Abort if old mail file location is unknown" is enabled, and none of the first three steps could find a mail DB location (or all three were disabled), the action will abort here.
  • If that last option is disabled, the action will assume no old mail file can be found and further steps will behave accordingly.

So with these new options, the action can be configured to require old mail database open (to ensure it is there for replication, and have a validated path for changing old icons/bookmarks/etc), to require at least the path to be known (replication fails, but changing old icons/bookmarks/etc will work), or to just work either way and skip/fail steps.

CHANGEImproved the sorting in the list of updated components displayed at the end of OnlineUpdate.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI


The following four settings are automatically added to MCUpgrade.ini when performing a full client ICAA/HCAA install for possible coexistence with Notes 10/11, if:

NICE uninstall is set to "Do not uninstall" on the (Un)Install tab AND
(the new notesdatadirectory is set to (%MCU_NotesDataDirectoryOld%|%LocalAppData%\HCL\Notes\Data or %LocalAppData%\HCL\Notes\Data) for multiuser installations OR
the new notesdatadirectory is set to %MCU_NotesDataDirectoryOld%|%ProgramFiles(x86)%\HCL\HCAA\Data or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\HCL\HCAA\Data for single user installations)

(The same applies to ICAA and corresponding paths)

  • SkipNotesDataDirectoryMigration=1
  • SkipMultiUserDataDirectoryMigration=1
  • SkipNotesProgramDirectoryMigration=1
  • DeleteNotesINI=0

To make one aware of this special install option, preparing/publishing an upgrade still prompts whether one might want to adjust the new data directory to ICAA/HCAA\Data.


Indexing the Connections Plugin file ( seems to fail at recognizing the plugin. This is not true, the file is a 114MB zip file with Mac and Windows plugins. Simply extract the and index that. That will also save you 75 MB, since the windows plugin zip is only 39 MB ;-)

FIXFixed an issue when importing non-supported installers with an MCUpgrade Free license displayed an error "tag ...lb_mcu_908... does not exist" - the tag is now properly resolved.
FIXFixed an issue where in simple/fast track mode, the shared data directory was always %ProgramData%\IBM\Notes\Data\Shared instead of %ProgramData%\HCL\Notes\Data\Shared.
FIXFixed an issue where full client install instruction parameters for data migration tab synchronization did not support multiusercommondir= and multiuserbasedir=.
FIXFixed an issue where for full client multiuser installs the config wizard suggested to carry over datadir= instead of multiuserbasedir=.
FIXFixed an issue where full client install instruction parameters for data migration tab synchronization did not support \"...\" for datadir=, progdir=, multiusercommondir= and multiuserbasedir=.
FIXFixed an issue where language/MUI packs with < 3 languages were not detected properly (in this case G2s / dutch&swedish)
NEWAdded support for synchronizing full client install instructions containing multiuserbasedir= or multiusercommondir= with data migration tab
NEWAdded support for use of !...! environment variables in full client install instructions e.g., for multiuserbasedir= (NOTE: Any ! (exclamation marks) will be replaced with % (percent))
NEWAdded support for non-english HCAA 3.0.1 full installers
NEWAdded support for HCAA MUI packs (single/dual and multi-language)
NEWAdded support for default ICAA/HCAA data, program and shared data directories
CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTHCAA installers can now be selected for both full client and addon installation
CHANGEThe default install mode for ICAA/HCAA in new upgrade configurations from now on uses SETMULTIUSER=1
CHANGEThe previous messagebox "NOTE: Ignoring Shared Data Directory New." has been changed to a print/status bar message
ENHANCEMENTThe "do you want to adjust" message now also checks the shared data directory for multiuser installations
ENHANCEMENTThe "do you want to adjust" messages for data, program and shared data directory now also display the recommended change

Release 2020-05-05 - 20200505113400

Config DB - General


In DLL Update actions, the flag "Only execute this update for existing MarvelClient Essentials installations" had no effect. Essentials DLL Updates would always only run on MC Essentials clients.

This old setting has now been removed, and instead there is a new setting to allow a switch from full MarvelClient to Essentials (off by default).

FIXFixed an issue in the "Collect Mail Archive Details" agent, where it could not find the local names.nsf. This would happen in cases where the mail archive was enabled by Domino Policies.
CHANGEIn the Cloud Migration Preparation action, the setting to create a Connection document is no longer enabled by default.

Added new role [DebugRuntypes] to make all runtypes available for all action types in the UI.

Normally, each action will have only the runtypes selectable that it supports. With this role set, an admin will be able to select any runtype for any action in the UI.

Note: This allows admins to select runtypes that might not be supported in the DLL. Which at best means that actions will not run, and at worst can lead to crashes. So use this role with care.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

FIXFixed an issue where publishing Upgrades would fail with "error 13 in line 49".

Analyze DB

FIXIn the Cloud Migration Status view, the completion date stamp will no longer have the time component.

Release 2020-04-15 - 20200415170500

Config DB - General

NEWAdded support for the new local database encryption option "AES" that was added to Notes 11.0.1. It is now available for the Application/Mailfile and Cleanup actions.

Cloud Migration module

We have added a new module to help with moving users from or into any cloud offerings. It can take care of all aspects on the client - including a final replication server-to-server.

It consists of three actions, and they are used in combination. Please also check the Analyze DB release notes for the view there that allows you to prepare the migration and track the progress.

Cloud Migration Preparation

This action is used to store the old mail file location and should be enabled before users get switched to the new mail server.

It can also create a connection document, so you can ensure that the user has connectivity to the new server before the switch.

Cloud Migration

The Cloud Migration action will take care of moving everything on the client to the new server. It should be enabled before the move, and will automatically trigger as soon as the pattern defined in the Preparation action matches the user's current mail server (from the pubnab).

You can freely configure this action to select only the parts you need. Please note that the action will only perform each step once per client - it is intended for a one-time migration.

The "Mandatory" flag is what defines which steps need to be completed successfully for the action to be successful (for reporting and error handling).

Sametime Cloud Migration

This action is specific to moving off the IBM Smart Cloud and enables you to change those Sametime community configurations to a new server (or to remove them).


The action bar option to en-/disable action has been improved. You can now chose to enable, disable, or toggle each action's state.

ENHANCEMENT / NEWWhen disabling actions or conditions, the Config DB will now display a warning if they are being used by other actions.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWConditions can now also be given aliases for easier referencing of their return values. Especially useful for the Geolocation condition.
CHANGEIn the Application/Mailfile action, the "enforce" flag for the local replica path is now also available for managed mail replicas.

Fixed an issue in the Application/Mailfile action, where providing a replication formula together with the replica settings "Always replicate" or "Variable" would not set the replication formula.

Note: Even in those two cases the replication formula is only set when the replica gets created. It does not get set or updated for already existing local replicas.

FIXFixed an issue in the Application/Mailfile action, where actions would break because the replication formula XML would not get properly escaped.

Fixed the behavior in cases where admins do not have deletion rights in the Config DB. In older versions, attempting but failing to delete an action would still create a remove instruction leading to potential inconsistencies between the actions enabled in the Config DB and the actions.xml on clients.

Now, the Config DB will check if and admin has deletion rights, and only then will also create remove instructions in the download view.

ENHANCEMENTThe Roaming/Rollback action now has a new option to add an additional authentication URL for http-based roaming via Notes-DB. This URL will be opened before the main URL and can be used to force proper authentication.
FIXFixed an issue where OnlineUpdate would perform the health check on MC databases twice.
ENHANCEMENTOnlineUpdate will now display links to the release notes when it updates components.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

CHANGEMCUpgrade Config: The optional before/after install instructions are now hidden in fasttrack mode.
NEWMCUpgrade Config: Added a new field on the Condition tab to specify a minimum release for which the upgrade should run.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWMCUpgrade Config: Added a new option to add install instructions before full client install (=similarly after uninstall instructions) in advanced mode.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWMCUpgrade Config: Added a new option to insert additional uninstall instructions in advanced mode.
ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Config: Added a check for whether all selected (full and addon, depending on configuation) installer files are used in install instructions.
CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Config: The Shared Data Directory New is now only added to MCUpgrade.ini, if the selected full client install instruction contains "setmultiuser=1".
CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Config: The Data Migration directories are now always set/changed when selecting or changing the full client installer on the Distribution tab.
CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Config: The Data Migration configuration will now by checked for (advanced mode)/synchronized (simple mode) if progdir= and/or datadir= parameters are used in the full client install instructions.
CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Config: The default paths will be switched from IBM to HCL if a full client installer >=11 is selected.

Analyze DB


Support Data Collection

The functionality to collect support data directly from a client has been improved. It can now be sent via email in addition to uploading it to the Analyze database.

Also, to make it easier to get data from clients/users where problems occur, there is now the additional option to send a mail that contains a stored form or button.
This can be performed from Advanced/Client data collection and offers several options, especially whether to send the data via mail, or upload it directly into the Analyze database.


Cloud Migration

To complement the new actions in the Config DB, there is also a view to prepare for and track the cloud migration status of users.

It can be found under Users\Cloud Migration Status, and will show any missing configurations, any problems, and all completed cloud migrations for all users.

FIX / CHANGEThe audit agent will better handle empty XML files and no longer spam the server console with errors in that case.
ENHANCEMENTSlightly improved size and performance of view index for the v_upload view (which is used by all clients for finding their upload docs in backup actions).
ENHANCEMENT / NEWCleanup & more: Added setting to delete data for users that have been deleted via AdminP. Allows to provide a cutoff date to only do this after a certain number of days.
CHANGEThe old CloudOnboarding feature has been deprecated for a while, so its views have been hidden and can only be seen with the role [CloudOnboarding] now.

Release 2020-02-26 - 20200226141800

Config DB - General


New action for Eclipse: Cleanup Workbench Files.

The workbench stores a list of all open tabs, but in many versions of Notes 9 and 10, it never removes them when they get closed; data just accumulates over time.
This can increase the size of the Eclipse workspace significantly, and can have negative effects on performance and stability. For MarvelClient, it means roaming those files will take up more space, time, and bandwidth.

This new action will clean up any unneeded information to deal with all these issues. Just scheduling it to run every few weeks should keep the file size in check.


The DLL Update action now has a new flag "not on Citrix".

For Citrix users, the MarvelClient binaries are usually part of their images, and don't need to be deployed or updated by each client themselves. Stopping DLL Update actions from doing anything there will prevent mistakes and possible startup delays.

This new flag is set by default for all newly created DLL Update actions, and also set retroactively if an older DLL Update action is saved. Uncheck this flag if the action fails because it wrongly detects a VDI.


The Config DB will now have set the property "Don't maintain unread marks" by default on new installs. This should increase performance in some scenarios.

Existing databases are not affected, but turning off unread marks manually can be beneficial and is advised if they are not needed.

ENHANCEMENTImproved the performance of OnlineUpdate.

OnlineUpdate usability has been improved. The message boxes displayed and the options given are clearer and more consistent.

  • Added a button to the OnlineUpdate form to just check for new updates, but not apply them (also available via the Action menu in the client).
  • If it doesn't find any updates, it will now give the option to abort.
  • At the end, it will now only display a single message box listing all updated components.
FIXFixed an issue where the Config DB would wrongly report that a newer version of the Analyze DB is available (even if the current one was up-to-date).
FIXFixed an issue where the Config DB would display the wrong versions for available updates if no OnlineUpdate has been performed yet.
FIXFixed an issue where the Eclipse Logging action would not properly set loggers.
FIXFixed a rare issue in OnlineUpdate where it would abort with an error after changing the included languages. This issue was introduced with the template 20200204.

Release 2020-02-04 - 20200204105300

Config DB - General


Added a new geolocation condition to only execute Actions based on geolocation data. (requires MC binary 11.0.3)

It allows checking for location based on address, distance to a coordinate-pair, or position within a coordinate rectangle.
Since reading the location can take a few seconds in some cases, it will re-use location data that has been recently read, with a 120-second limit (can be set in the action).

The condition will fail, if location sharing is turned off. This means that any Action or reference using the condition will not run.

Note: Geolocation support is experimental at the moment, and disabled by default. You can turn it on by setting <mc:geo_data_enabled>=1. Be aware that you must also enable "allow apps to access your location" in the location privacy settings of the respective device/operating system.

Note: Which data is available, and how accurate it is, can vary significantly. Mostly it depends on settings in the operating system and available hardware features. You might also want to consider that some platforms will display a prompt to the user to allow the access to this data.


Added a new Action Settings\CWSBG. Workspace Background to manage the Workspace Background for Notes releases >= 10.

You can attach an image you want to use, or point to an existing image on the target device.

NEWFor users with the role [AOnlineUpdate], opening the Config Database will automatically check for new updates every once in a while and inform you in case an update is available.
NEWThe ECL Action now also allows to manage the geolocation access option.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWThe Connections Plugin Settings Action now also allows to reset or disable the Connections plugin.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWThe Settings\Replicator Page (System) Action now also allows to comprehensively manage the Synchronize Activities entry.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWThe Settings\Replicator Page (System) Action now also allows to configure a server for the Application templates (NTFs) entry.
FIX / CHANGEThe default priority of re-saved and newly created RecentApps Action will now ensure that RecentApps Actions run after Apps/Mailfile/DesktopIcon Actions.
FIX / CHANGEFixed an issue where RunProgram Actions did not have a default runtype selected for Essentials - this is now "EssentialsMain".
FIXFixed an issue where counting group members in Access Definitions did not work in case of circular references; if a circular reference is detected, counting will now display an error message.
FIXFixed an issue where switching views via the Type column did not work.
NEWVarious views now also display on which platforms and devices Actions are configured to run.
NEWAdded a new "Actions\I. General\Modify Device & Platform in selected Actions" action to change target platforms and/or devices for multiple Actions at once.
NEWAdded a new "Actions\O. Online Update\0. Check for Update" action to allow quick checking for new updates - requires a pre-existing and proper configuration of Administration\Online Update.
FIXOnline Update: When choosing "install prepared update", previous releases did not unzip templates. This is now fixed. Also, installing a prepared update now handle subsets of updates (i.e. missing files) better.
FIXMailbased Install: Fixed an issue where the Common data directory folder was not computed correctly.
FIXMailbased Install: Buttons sent from a MacOS Notes clients are now properly signed, too.
CHANGEThe "Open Agent list" button is now hidden in the RunAgent action if the source database is not accessible (instead red help text describing the issue is displayed).
ENHANCEMENTAdded additional help text on the Admin tab for the dependency field: "Enter 1-n action alias(es)".
FIX / ENHANCEMENTThe IP Adapter Condition now properly supports multi-values for name and description matching.
FIXFixed an issue where the Mail tab was always displayed in Location Actions, even if empty/all content was hidden on it.
FIXFixed a misleading validation error message "Field contains incorrect value" (now reading "... Please remove duplicates") for IPAdapter Condition.
FIXFixed wrong translation of "MarvelClient references" in the JobFileDeployment and (deprecated) IBMCloudOnboarding Actions.
FIXFixed an issue where the Eclipse Sidebar Action was labeled / displayed beginning with ECJSABR instead of ESBAR.
FIXFixed an issue where the logs view did not display correct runtime durations.

Config DB - MC Upgrade UI

CHANGE / ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade now includes Nice 11 (requires re-publishing of existing upgrades; for MCUpgrade Free customers also requires an updated license file).
ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Free now also supports all G2 language files in the Installers view and the MCUpgrade Configuration wizard (requires an updated license file).
FIXFixed an issue where MarvelClient Upgrade Installers would wrongly validate for an Action alias.
FIX / CHANGEMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed an issue where the old shared data directory was mandatory instead of optional for custom elevation.
CHANGEShortended a language string for GraceFulShutdownNotice in German upgrade file (requires re-publishing of existing upgrades).
FIXMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed an issue where preparing / publishing an upgrade could stop with a path/file not found error.
FIXMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed an issue where using a custom splash screen would always switch any custom text color to black.
FIXMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed an issue where Installer Deployment were created even when selecting "distribute independent of MarvelClient".
FIXMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed an issue where a RunProgram, FileDeployment und Adjust MCUpgrade.ini Action were created upon publishing when selecting "run via own solution".
FIXUpdated all language files to change an erroneously hard-coded 20 second wait time to %1 wait time (requires re-publishing of existing upgrades).
ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Wizard: Publishing a static configuration now optionally allows to also copy all installers to the stage directory upon publishing.
ENHANCEMENTMCUpgrade Wizard: Added an option on the (Un)Install tab to add custom install instructions before and/or after addon installation - instead of writing them into the addon install instructions, which may get lost/overwritten upon using the "fill below fields ..." button, these fields allow for preserving custom instructions including smart auto-numbering.
ENHANCEMENTUpdated all language files to reflect changes from IBM to HCL.

Analyze DB


Even though the Analyze template comes with transaction logging turned off, you may want to actually turn it on again in your environment, as long as you are on a decent Domino release.

In the early days of transaction logging, we did not recommend it. Since then, transaction logging has become reliable and awesome, so we encourage its future use.

FIX / ENHANCEMENTThe Cleanup agent now also covers namechanges, correctly identifying same upload documents for renamed users.
ENHANCEMENTThe Cleanup agent now also maintain log document(s) in the logs view.
FIX / ENHANCEMENTThe Analyze database now has a ($AdminP) view to speed up AdminP processing. Note that this view only includes upload documents. Due to the new cleanup agent enhancement to also cover renames, this should ensure best performance.
FIXFixed/addressed an issue where running audit from within an upload document could render the error message "A JavaScript error was encountered"; depending on the cause of error, this now either works, or displays a prompt to re-open the document and click on run audit again.
FIX / ENHANCEMENTDisplay of MMR (Managed Mail Replica) information has been improved in the "Notes\Mail Overview" view
CHANGEHCL Nomad Clients are now separately categorized under "Nomad - Releases" in the "Notes\by Notes & MC Release" view, including correct display of Nomad release
CHANGECharts: Updated Chartjs library from 2.7.2 to 2.9.3 (

Release 2019-10-30 - 20191030155900

Config DB - General

CHANGEMCUpgrade: improved French translations
FIXFixed an issue where in rare cases, the Application actions would lack any icon information and create empty tiles on the desktop.

Release 2019-10-08 - 20191008121500

Config DB - General

ENHANCEMENTThe view "All actions\by Condition" has been improved to make it easier to find all actions that use a given condition.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWThe ECL action now can also manage the setting "HTTP / HTTPS Request execution".
FIXFixed an issue where re-saving actions from the view would cause invalid XML to be created. This bug was introduced with template release 20190925135100.
FIXFixed an issue where opening and saving an Application action could change local replica management and full text index options from "Do nothing" to "Create". This bug was introduced with template release 20190925135100.
FIXWhen using the new UI to limit number of executions, the option to keep execution info will now be available again.
FIXFixed an issue where keeping the Config DB open when closing the client would lead to an @Command error being displayed when clicking on the tab after next client startup.
FIXMCUpgrade Wizard: Fixed and issue where newlines in the graceful shutdown message weren't properly handled.
FIX / CHANGEUsing OnlineUpdate from the Actions menu is now working properly, several older options that have been deprecated a while ago have been removed as well.
FIX / CHANGEThe local directory for OnlineUpdate must be in the data directory. Instead of parts of the OnlineUpdate process failing when this is not the case, MarvelClient will now display an error at the start.

Analyze DB


Added a new feature to collect support data from a client.

This is for manual collection of support files, especially from clients like Nomad on iOS, where accessing the necessary files is difficult. On the device, open the Analyze DB in the client, and use the "Copy support data" link on the welcome page, or "M5. Collect Support Data" from the Action menu of the client. It will zip up and copy the files to the Documents directory on iOS, making it accessible through the Files app. It can then be sent via mail or other options.

FIXFixed an issue in upload documents, where clicking an attachment link would not open the unzipped attachment.

Release 2019-09-25 - 20190925135100

Config DB - General


The majority* of action types from the Manage, Migrate and Analyze modules will work on Nomad out of the box, without a license. To prevent any issues arising from actions running and filling up limited storage, some functionalities are turned off by default:

  • Application/Mailfile actions will not perform local replica and fulltext-index management by default. You can enable either of them on the local replica and full text index tabs respectively.
  • Existing File Deployment actions will only run on HCL Nomad after being re-saved.

*) Some action types do not work on some platforms due to technical limitations (e.g. iOS does not allow RunProgram actions), others have not been implemented yet, but will be added later. See platform limitations section in main release note document for a list.


Redesigned the UI of all actions to improve usability and make better use of space.

1) A re-designed section for runtypes

All actions now have the same, standardized layout which shows the runtypes that are available for that action type. It also allows to select which runtype(s) the current action should run in.
This includes a rework where we added previously supported but not yet available runtypes in the user interface to various actions.

Also moved the "Run On Reference Only" option from the "Admin" tab to here. If an action is set to "Run On Reference Only", the alias can be specified directly on top now.

2) A re-designed section for repeat options

The top part of the "When" tab has been moved to this new UI as well, and the layout has been changed.

3) A new section for platforms/devices

Added a new UI element to directly select which platforms and/or devices an action should run on.

The combination of switches set to on or off will be turned into a single, complex regex action which is used as a special (hidden) condition, which applies in addition to the combined result of the other conditions you set on the "When" tab. If there are existing conditions (e.g. <os:platform> = windows) they still work in addition to the new UI element, but they are not visualized on it (since we cannot parse and understand every possible condition out there).
We recommend to retire any existing conditions used to limit actions to platforms and use the new UI instead.

Besides allowing selection of desired platforms/devices, this new section also visualizes any platforms or devices this action does not run on - either for technical or licensing reasons.

4) A new section showing some information from other tabs

Here we show things like number of conditions on the "When" tab, number of includes/excludes on the "Who" tab, priority, dependencies and alias from the "Admin" tab. You can click those displays to open the corresponding tabs directly.

5) The top right license display

It has been improved to clearly show if the current action type is licensed to be used, and how it is licensed.

6) The help section is now hidden by default to save space

It can be toggled on or off with the "?" symbol on the far top right.

These top UI sections are visible no matter which tab you select in the action (What, When, Who, Admin).

NEWAdded a new action "Objects\Recent Apps" to manage the recent apps page on HCL Nomad.
NEWThe "Application/Mailfile" action now has new options to manage its application's entries on the "Recent Apps" page of Nomad clients.

The "Application/Mailfile" action has additional options to manage local replicas:

  • Change the option "Remove documents not modified in the last x days"
  • Set a replication formula
ENHANCEMENT / NEWThe welcome page and related sub-pages have been updated to include information about MarvelClient for Nomad.

IBM Cloud Onboarding actions have been removed from the action menu. Since IBM has sold Notes/Domino, their cloud options are being retired by mid 2020.

Existing actions will still show up in views, and you can give yourself the role [CloudOnboarding] to make the menu entries appear again.

ENHANCEMENTThe Application/Mailfile action now also has options to choose whether to include high or low resolution icons. Before it would always include both.
ENHANCEMENTThe enhanced bookmark roaming agent now has a new config option to also sign all created or updated URL documents with the current user ID. Set <mc:bmroam_docs_sign> to 1 to enable.
FIX / ENHANCEMENTFixed an issue in the example action "Activate Roaming enhancements in MC namespace" where not all needed config variables were being set, also added a few new additional settings (all set to ignore).
FIX / CHANGEDLL Update actions will no longer hide Essentials runtypes, even if the role [HideEssentials] is set.
FIXFixed an issue where newly created DLL Update actions would not have any runtypes selected.
ENHANCEMENTGeneric actions can now have several runtypes selected.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWAdded a new option in MCUpgrade Configurations to remap network drives during an upgrade when UNchecking "Do not run upgrade if the Notes data directory is on a network drive".
ENHANCEMENTImproved MCUpgrade Configurations to always suggest path corrections depending on selected full installer (e.g. IBM>HCL, Lotus>HCL, Lotus>IBM, HCL>IBM).
CHANGEMCUpgrade Configuration: Adjusted the text displayed when UNchecking "Do not run upgrade if the Notes data directory is on a network drive" to specifically state that leaving or moving the data directory on/from a network drive is only an issue if the account used for upgrading does not have access to the network drives of end users.
CHANGEIn the MCUpgrade Configuration, entering a large number for minimum free disk space will now only display a warning instead of being a validation error.
FIXFixed an issue in the view  "MCUpgrade\Installers" where the "MCUI. Index Installers" button would run into an error if no MCUpgrade version had been downloaded yet. It will now prompt to run an OnlineUpdate instead.
FIXFixed an issue where pt-br (Brazilian Portuguese) was not selected by default for new MCUpgrade Configurations.
FIXFixed an issue where licensing information was wrong in Upgrade Configurations for customers with a full license.
FIXMCUpgrade Configuration: Fixed a missing label for the "Use SSL" option on the tracking tab.
ENHANCEMENTImproved the view "All Actions\by Conditions"; the category "Mailserver restrictions" now gives a better overview of restrictions.
FIXFixed an issue in the process additional actions.xml action where "Run on Reference Only" was shown twice.
FIX / CHANGEChanged the Eclipse Restart Prompt action. Previously it would prevent you from selecting certain runtypes based on your setting for "When to prompt". The validation has been moved, it will now display a warning about the possibility of too frequent restart prompts when saving the document, with the option to save or abort.
FIX / CHANGEIn the "Actions\Examples" view, actions will no longer show up multiple times in the same category.
FIXFixed an issue where the "Categorize" action would display the wrong category list in several views ("Examples", "Access Definitions", "Conditions").

Analyze DB

NEWAdded new views covering HCL Nomad and improved upload document accordingly. The views include information about Nomad-related notes.ini settings as well as the Recent Apps page for all users.
CHANGE / FIXThe MarvelClient Analyze database will no longer prompt for enhanced navigation using Java Applets etc. when using a Standard/WCT client.
CHANGEChanged the table display widths for documents in the view "Addons \ Replication and Sync" to prevent truncation.
FIXFixed an issue in the view "Addons \ Replication and Sync" where all entries under "1. Send outgoing mail" would display "used location" even if the location was not the one being used for that user.
FIXFixed an issue where documents in the view "Addons \ Replication and Sync" would not open and instead display an error message.
FIXFixed an issue where several forms using XPages would not use the proper translations to display labels.
FIXFixed an issue in the upload document, where attachments with rev_* filenames could not be opened from the "Files" tab.