This component release is part of MarvelClient 11.0


The Cleanup and PostProcessing actions will now run after the Audit process if no Audit Configuration document has been created.

NOTE: If you have a Cleanup Configuration document defined (from the Administration/Cleanup & More option in the navigator), the parameters in this document are used when the Cleanup action runs. Please check this document to make sure the parameters are valid for your environment.

CHANGEThe Cleanup action is now enabled by default on new Configuration documents. Existing Configuration documents will not be affected.
CHANGEThe "Cleanup & More" action now runs in the background, to avoid blocking the client while it runs.
CHANGEThe number of history documents imported or exported by Roaming Import/Export is now limited to 1000 by default. You can change this with the MC variable <mc:bmroam_bm_history_max_docs>
FIXRoaming Import now only creates history documents that are newer than the newest history documents in bookmarks.nsf.
FIXFixed a potential "ERROR (Initialize) 6 in Line 171: Overflow" in the Roaming Import agent.
FIXFixed a problem where the "Cleanup & More" agent would not send email to users who were stuck in a "waiting to be sent" state.