This component release is part of MarvelClient 10.1

ENHANCEMENT / NEWAdded a new "CleanUp" functionality to the Rollback view. It can be scheduled to clean up all docs older than a specified number of days.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWAdded more information to the "Advanced - Logs" view: # of errors, # warnings, and run-time
FIX / CHANGEFor languages other than English, the Config database will now fall back to English if there is a problem with a tag.
FIXFixed an issue in OnlineUpdate where using "Install Prepared Update" would not import additional languages.
FIXFixed an issue for MarvelClient Essentials customers, where actions were not properly categorized in the view "by RT, Prio and Title"
FIXFixed a display issue on the Config DB welcome page.
FIXFixed in issue in the MarvelClient Upgrade Configuration, where providing a URL as the source for the installer download would create defective actions.
FIXFixed in issue in the MarvelClient Upgrade Configuration, where custom progress bar colors were ignored.
CHANGEMarvelClient Upgrade Configuration: Added some explanatory text to the "Data Migration" tab.
ENHANCEMENT / NEWMarvelClient Upgrade Configuration: Added a new Client Configuration tab to display related information.
ENHANCEMENTMarvelClient Upgrade Configuration: "Index installer(s)" now support UTF-8 for filepaths and filenames
CHANGEMarvelClient Upgrade Configuration: Changed minimum free disk space validation to 2 GB