This component release is part of MarvelClient 11.0


New Action for Nomad Application Restrictions. Requires HCL Nomad 1.0.8 or higher, on iOS only.

The following restrictions can be enabled or disabled via MarvelClient:

    • Adding attachments from the mobile device (including photos)
    • Importing attachments from the mobile device (including photos)
    • Viewing attachments
    • Cut/copy/paste operations
    • Opening the Notes mail file
    • Enabling local replication and offline replicas
    • Setting the maximum size of attachments
    • Locking the maximum size of attachments so users can't change the value
    • Allowing biometric authentication (FaceID or TouchID) to unlock Nomad

Various small enhancements and fixes for Mailbased installation:

    • Added descriptive text for the Send To option
    • Closing and saving the Mailbased Installation document will no longer ask to send; you must use the "Send To" button
    • If you enable binaries in the DLL update view, there is now a prompt that reminds you to update the binaries on the Mailbased Installation PostOpen script.
FIXValues of type "Time Range" in a Profile Document action now display the full value instead of only the time part of the value.
NEWAdded a new "Forward" right-click option to the MarvelClient Upgrade views, allowing you to easily send the full upgrade results information via email.
CHANGEUpdated Russian language translations.
CHANGE / NEWNew option for Initiator in Upgrade Config wizard, allowing you to specify a different source directory for the Initiator, and also allowing you to decide whether or not to allow local fallback.
FIXImproved validation of directories in Upgrade Config wizard.