While full backup and restore functionality exists in the MarvelClient Roaming module, the MarvelClient Analyze database is capable of rolling back bookmarks.nsf and workspace (desktop.ndk).

A few configurations are required in order for this to function properly, please find them detailed below:

  1. ACL of the MarvelClient Configuration database needs to be modified to where users have Author Access instead of only Reader only as normal users should. Author access is needed because users need to be able to be able to change their own rollback actions from "waiting for processing" to "processed". These actions are automatically created if an Admin issues a rollback for specific users from within the Analyze database, so no further action, other than the below is required.
  2. The ACL of the MarvelClient Analyze database needs to be modified to grant administrators the rollback role.

One the above is completed, an administrator can initiate a roll back for any user following these steps:

  1. Click on the folder icon to switch to rollback mode
  2. choose which files need to be rolled back (Note: only bookmarks.xml and desktop.xml work/make sense)
  3. Click on the particular version of the files to be restored
  4. Click on "Initialize Rollback" from the action bar menu

By clicking on "Initizialize Rollback" a One-Time rollback action is created in the Config database for this user.

You can view this action in the "Advanced\Rollback / Restore" view if needed.

As soon as the user now restarts his/her client, the rollback action is executed and will rollback the selected files.