Native Notes tasks can easily be run by MarvelClient via the "Run Program" action. 

1. Locate the "Run compact for all local databases in background once" example action in the MarvelClient config database.

2. Review and then copy and paste it into any other "All Actions" view in your config database.

3. Add/replace the desired Notes database or folder and desired tasks and switches to the "Paramaters" line with quotes, such as "<notes:data_directory>\bookmark.nsf" -c -S 10. 

4.Populate the "Wait?, Timeout and Text" sections of the Run Program action as desired, then name, save and close it.

Note: Please be aware that when running any program "Before Login", a password prompt is shown to the user, which may not be desired. - the recommended runtype for virtually all notes processes is "After login - Before Sync"

Note: Please be aware that if any tasks are run on locked databases such as names.nsf the action does not execute right away but is merely flagged for execution upon next Notes restart (for Notes 8 and up - Notes releases < 8 will most likely not ever carry out the compact of any locked database).

You can execute any Notes client task (ncompact.exe, nconvert.exe, nfixup.exe, ...) after login before sync without end users having to enter their passwords.

Since running a task allows to pass any parameters as supported by IBM, launching such Notes tasks allows for much more flexibility then LotusScript agents for example. Besides, creating a simply document does not requires any programming skills as a Script agent would.

As a sidenote, (most) developers love it, it you start nhttp.exe along with the client :-)