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In large environments with many 10,000 users, it can be helpful to also create a Run Program server document which updates the views in the Analyze database every night (e.g., at 2 am every morning) as follows:
load updall panagenda\pmc_analyze.nsf -V

NOTE: it is not advisable to full-text index the Analyze database, nor to enable transaction logging on it (by default both is disabled).

Exploring the MarvelClient Analyze database

Numerous views and charts help you oversee and see through your Notes client landscape from within the MarvelClient Analyze database:


Audit new and changed documents


Shows all client data sorted by abbreviated Notes username
(e.g., florian vogler/panagenda)

NOTE: by default a user can have more than one document,
as data is uploaded for each client release on each computer.
In other words, if a user uses multiple machines and/or mulitple
client releases, there will be a document for each machine and each release.

Also note that you can limit multiple documents per users via
[Administration\Cleanup & more] in combination with the (Cleanup) agent.



See how often users restart their clients and/or look at client data from decommissioned users.


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