panagenda ApplicationInsights is licensed on a per database instance basis.

For existing IBM customers with valid maintenance for IBM Domino (including IBM Domino Express offerings), a free entitlement license is available to unlock the 50 most used and 50 most complex application database instances together with extensive insights into security, deployment integrity and load patterns for the entire Domino environment.

With the entitlement comes:

  • Entitlement to IBM global support
  • 12 months usage of the panagenda ApplicationInsights tool from date of release
  • Analysis of your entire Domino environment and details on:
    • Environment, Inventory and Usage overviews across all database instances
    • Usage details for 50 most used database instances
    • Design complexity of 50 most complex database instances
    • Design insights for 50 database instances across the most used and most complex database instances

Please check IBM Passport Advantage for information and conditions. Additional packages can be bought per 500 database instances. Please contact your IBM reseller or representative for more information. Details on how many value packs your environment needs can be found on the Unlock more insights page in ApplicationInsights itself.

Which database instances are shown within ApplicationInsights depends: For the entitlement version, the selection is made based on complexity and usage. Once additional value packs have been purchased though, the selection shifts and is made solely on which instances are most heavily used.

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