MCShutdown is included in both MarvelClient Upgrade and MarvelClient Roaming licenses.

NOTE that it is not needed to ensure that the client is closed before performing an upgrade, since shutdown functionality is already built into and taken care of by MCUpgrade(.exe). 

The two most prominent use cases for MCShutdown are

  • Shutdown the Notes client every evening automatically
  • Automatic shutdown of the Notes client in case users shutdown Windows, without closing Notes.
    This is especially helpful in Citrix / VDI environments, in case users forget to log off from the remote session and the server automatically logs off the user session at a later time.


When used to ensure that clients are properly shutdown down when logging off from/shutting down Windows, you must give the Notes client enough time to flush all open files and also take the time into consideration that a MarvelClient Backup may require to save the users data!

The corresponding registry settings are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER (current user only) or HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT (all users on a machine), where HKEY_CURRENT_USER overrides HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT, if both are set.

\Control Panel\Desktop\WaitToKillAppTimeout
\Control Panel\Desktop\HungAppTimeout
\Control Panel\Desktop\AutoEndTasks

WaitToKillAppTimeout and HungAppTimeout take String(!) values in milliseconds, so 60000 equals 60 seconds. A backup to a network resource may well take 60 seconds for users with a slow connection, so we recommend e.g., 60000 or 90000.
AutoEndTasks is a String value, which should be either not set (=0=disabled), 0, or 1.

The command line options for MCShutdown are

Command line optionDescription


Automatically closes any open Notes / Designer / Admin client windows and answers all message boxes so that any open documents are not saved and any dialog boxes are automatically responded to, so that the client can close without any end user interaction. E.g. "Do you want to exit Notes > Yes", "Do you want to replicate > No", "Do you want to save > No", and similar. All messageboxes are responded to independent of language.
Automatically sends a close message (similar to ALT+F4) to the topmost Notes / Designer / Admin window and waits for the end user to answer all message boxes that prevent the client from closing.

Waits until a Windows shutdown is detected and if so, automatically initiates /shutdownsilent.

This option can optionally be combined with /noautoterm
If MCShutdown is launched from notes.exe or nlnotes.exe (e.g. by using a MarvelClient Run Program Action), MCShutdown will automatically terminate, if it does not find any notes2.exe, nlnotes.exe, designer.exe and/or admin.exe process = after a client has been shutdown. If you do not want MCShutdown to terminate upon client shutdown, you can use the /noautoterm switch.

Example command lines

absolutefilepath\MCShutdown.exe /shutdownsilent

absolutefilepath\MCShutdown.exe /shutdown

absolutefilepath\MCShutdown.exe /auto

absolutefilepath\MCShutdown.exe /auto /noautoterm