There are several use cases in which you will find that panagenda ApplicationInsights can help. The three key areas are:


Reduce costs by optimizing the number of applications and servers and by archiving or sunsetting applications, or instances of applications, no longer needed.

Removing unused applications and database instances reduces load, improves maintainability and improves the cost-benefit ratio.

AI can help you, for instance, to identify archiving, sunsetting and transformation candidates in the following ways:

  • If an application is mostly used read-only: you could for instance choose to archive, sunset or perform a content migration (to IBM Connections, for example)
  • If an application is not used at all (after, say, 6-12 months): You could choose to close down access to the database and if no-one complains after e.g., 3 months, archive it.


By providing insights on usage and design, AI allows you to make founded choices about enabling select applications for mobile and/or browser use.

For instance to refurbish select applications used by a large amount of users or a high-profile group of users and departments (e.g. board of management, sales department, profit centers, etc).

To help in this modernization process, AI helps to answer questions like:

  • Which applications are worth investing in? Usually those showing high activity or are used by key departments.
  • If invested in, which applications pay back fast? Applications with exceptionally complex design may be expensive to modernize, for example, so focus on lesser complexity.
  • How can I optimize my modernization investment? Applications that share a lot of design similarity with others, pay back faster, as – having modernized one, could implicitly also modernize all mostly similar applications.
  • Which applications depend on backend interfaces on the server side?
    (e.g. integration with SAP, dependency on fax or file system, etc. are not compatible with a hosted/cloud environment)
  • Which applications use UI elements only supported in the Notes Client?


Making your environment a more maintainable and more importantly, shapeable Domino environment facilitates adoption of Verse, Connections, Watson Workspace et al.

Using the above mentioned options you can achieve a better form of control over the platform and allow for integration and expansion with additional systems and services.

AI has a lot to offer when determining the forward path for each application:

  • Investigate the best approach to optimize and modernize your application landscape
  • Identify unused applications (deletion candidates)
  • Identify read-only/read-mostly applications (content migration candidates)
  • Identify archiving and sun-setting candidates
  • Identify migration candidates for IBM Connections or other content platforms
  • Identify most valuable applications from both a usage and complexity standpoint
  • Identify potential roadblocks in applications (e.g. applications with a lot of java code)

In situations where the focus is on email Cloud migration it allows you to:

  • Analyze databases with migration relevant mail dependencies
  • Get insight into deviations from the standard template and identify possible roadblocks or co-existence topics

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