panagenda is proud to announce the release of this new version of ApplicationInsights, your guide through infrastructure transformation, IBM Notes database usage, source code and design analysis. This version is mainly a maintenance release, with a few minor new features here or there.

  • Bubble Charts: Clicking on a bubble will now open the database in a new tab instead of the current window.
  • Catalog Filtering: It is now possible to filter via URL parameters. A button “Copy link to this filter combination” is now available in the top left.
  • Catalog General: Substantial performance improvements should be noticeable, especially in combination with filtering.
  • Code Search: An issue was fixed where the result of a code search could be rendered as JS code instead of text (e.g. creating a HTML link).
  • Code Search: Special characters are now escaped properly before submitting a simple code search.
  • Config Interface: This UI previously tried to contact This behavior was removed.
  • Custom Insights: An issue was resolved with cloning Insights, where child patterns were not properly cloned at the same time.
  • Database Classification: Improvements were made to automatic processes that identify and classify databases into categories.
  • Database Details: An issue was resolved that lead to design related information not being displayed if no usage data is available.
  • DWH Improvements: A major overhaul of how collected source code is stored leads to significantly less processing time during the nightly maintenance tasks (ETL) and reduced overall disk usage.
  • Fixed Typos: Minor misspellings were fixed throughout the solution.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Compatibility with IE11 was optimized. Chrome and Firefox in their 64bit versions remain recommended browsers.
  • Maintenance Tasks: Several improvements were made to mechanisms that keep disk usage constant in ongoing collection scenarios.
  • Similarity: During the DWH overhaul, a few minor tweaks were implemented that should lead to improved accuracy in similarity detection.
  • Usage By Department: An issue was resolved that caused one department always to be missing in the usage tree.

Rescan and Data Warehouse Rebuild Required

This version of ApplicationInsights brings significant improvements in performance of daily maintenance tasks and reduced disk usage. Various changes in the data warehouse structure were necessary to make that possible. After installing the update, all collected designs need to be rescanned. Depending on the size of the environment this may take several days. No design data will be recollected from Domino servers unless the design was updated since the last scan and a rescan would be necessary regardless of the update. Daily rebuilds of the DWH will continue during rescan, so (potentially limited) results will be available the day after the installation of the update.

When upgrading, the existing appliance will stay in place and no historical data will be lost in the process. Simply download the installation package and extract the debz file from the zip to prepare the upgrade. Install the new version via the URL /pac on your server or using the menu option “Install New Version …” in the configuration menu. For detailed instructions please take a look at the ApplicationInsights Setup Guide.


We strongly encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available. The latest version will always provide best functionality and ensure the stability of your systems.