This new version is a fix release for version 1.6.0 and includes a critical bug fix as well as a few minor improvements. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version!


Critical Issue!

Database Docker Container

An bug was discovered in the version 1.6.0 container responsible for providing the PostgreSQL database service. In certain situations Primary Keys and other database constraints will go corrupt and effectively halt elements of ApplicationInsights in various degrees of severity. The worst case being that no data is collected from source systems (Domino Servers).

This issue ca be identified by accessing the URL http://<your-server>/idna/sys/etl and looking for error messages like "duplicate key violates constraint":

If you identify this issue in your environment, please contact for assistance in resolving the situation.

Bug Fixes

  • Status Dashboard: an issue was fixed that would cause outdated data to be displayed on the "Status Dashboard" page.

  • Scan Status Widget: an issue was fixed that caused this widget (top navigation bar) to consume significant resources in certain scenarios.

  • Help Pop-Ups: a bug was fixed were a number of mouse-over help dialogs would flicker in a certain set of web browsers.


  • Nightly DWH Rebuild: The rebuild for source code related tables will now only occur if data has changed since the last rebuild.

Structural Changes / Upgrade Path

New Upgrade Procedure: Container Installer

New Upgrade Procedure

Installation packages are no longer delivered via DEBZ files.The whole update process changes towards a more container oriented methodology in preparation for a potential integration with Kubernetes.

Details on how to update to the new version can be found in this knowledge base article: Upgrade ApplicationInsights (≥ v1.5.1)

Data Warehouse Rebuild Required

DWH Rebuild Required

This version of ApplicationInsights brings wide-ranging improvements in performance and usability. Various changes in the data warehouse structure were necessary to make that possible. After installing the update, the application will not be usable until the DWH is rebuilt. This process runs nightly, but can be triggered manually after the update.