The HCL Notes 12.0 client made changes to the look and feel of the classic Notes workspace, including displaying the tabs on the side instead of the top.

In order to support the visible changes in the UI, HCL also made changes to the code that creates and modifies the workspace. Throughout the v12 beta and release cycle, and through the current 12.0.1 beta cycle, we have been hard at work to keep up with the changes. We will continue to adapt MarvelClient to make sure our customers can move to latest and greatest from HCL.
However, the change in desktop format means older MarvelClient versions will not work (even earlier 12.0.* releases) and customers need to update MarvelClient before upgrading Notes.

HCL recently published a Technote indicating that some MarvelClient users could experience problems with duplicate workspace tabs in the Notes 12 client, and these customers should contact panagenda to get a new DLL.
Instructions on how to address the issue are below.


If you are a MarvelClient customer with current maintenance, all you have to do is run Online Update from your Config database and you will get an updated DLL that addresses all known problems with the Notes v12 workspace.

If you are a MarvelClient customer with an expired license, you will need to switch to MarvelClient Essentials or contact support to discuss your options for renewing your license.

If you use MarvelClient Essentials, you should not be affected by any issues that involve MarvelClient interacting with the Notes v12 workspace (there are no Essentials actions that modify the workspace). However, if you want to make sure you've got the latest and greatest version of Essentials, you can always run Online Update from your Config database to see if there's anything new.