PLEASE NOTE: the Document Properties "Basic" plugin cannot be updated on Notes clients 12.0.1 or higher because it is packaged with the client. You must upgrade your Notes client to get a new version.

The Pro version of the plugin can be installed and updated on any version of Notes (9.0.1 FP10 and higher) but some features and fixes listed below require specific versions of the Basic plugin to be installed.

Version 14.0.1

20 December 2023

  • Fixed a problem where the Pro Installer dialog did not appear on Notes 14 GA when drag-and-drop was used to install as a widget
  • Updated the self-signed certificate to use SHA256 due to a new restriction in Notes 14 GA; this means the plugin can now only be installed on Notes 9.0.1 FP10 or higher (older versions of the client will not understand the new signature)

Version 14.0.0 (included with Notes 14.0.0)

08 September 2023

  • Fixed a problem where the error message "The current selection could not be resolved" would be shown before displaying the Named Documents dialog if a frameset was currently in focus

Version 12.0.16 (included with Notes 14.0 EAP2)

03 July 2023

  • Document Properties now works in Domino Designer (DDE), with the following caveats:
    • the right-click menu is only available from the list of items in the Database Navigator tab (the one labeled "Applications" on the left side), it is not available from the design element editors or the tabs that display the full list of a specific type of design element (e.g. the view of all Forms that displays when you double-click "Forms" in the Database Navigator)
    • the CTRL-ALT-L keyboard shortcut does not work if you open DDE before you open the Notes client, this is due to a keybinding conflict with the "Go to Erl" menu command; you can work around this by changing the binding in the General-Keys section of DDE Preferences, or by opening the Notes client prior to opening DDE
  • Binary representations of fields are now displayed for most of the fields that are also displayed in binary format in the infobox or the DDE Properties tab
  • Fixed a problem where some large text fields that had their content saved across multiple fields of the same name would sometimes display the same value for all instances of that field name
  • PRO: new option in the Actions menu to save a selected field as a file; for $FILE fields this will save the associated file attachment, for binary fields this will save the raw binary data, for all other fields this will save the text value of the field as displayed in the Document Properties dialog
  • PRO: new option in the Actions menu to save the current document as a DXL file; this will save it in "raw" format with the DXL ForceNoteFormat option set to true

Version 12.0.14 (included with Notes 14.0 EAP1)

05 May 2023

  • Fixed a problem where opening a document with a Notes URL in the format notes://server@org/... could produce an error
  • Fixed a potential "Error opening database" if attempting to get a list of profile documents while a frameset is in focus
  • Fixed date column sorting for the profile document selection dialog on non-USA locale machines
  • Date ranges are now shown as ranges, not a list of dates (NOTE: Windows-only, date ranges can't currently be detected properly on MacOS)
  • Multi-value Notes Reference fields now show all values, not just the first one; also formatted the references to match the infobox (OID.File + OID.Note) and the item type is now displayed as "Response Reference" instead of "Notes Refs" to match the infobox
  • New menu option for Named Documents, which works the same way as the Profile Documents option

Version 12.0.12

05 December 2022

  • PRO: Added an option in the Actions menu to switch between MIME and rich text, for documents containing stored MIME. Requires Notes 12.0.2 or higher.
  • PRO: Fixed a bug where modifying fields on a document with stored MIME would convert the MIME fields to rich text.
  • PRO: Fixed a bug where empty entries at the end of a multi-value field would be trimmed if that field was modified.
  • Single-value date field values now display the time zone, just like multi-value date fields and created/modified dates. Requires Notes 14 or higher.

Version 12.0.11

02 September 2022

  • New items in the Info pane for "Added (in this file)" and "Modified (in this file)". Requires Notes 14 or higher.

  • A slightly more descriptive error message is now shown if a document cannot be opened because the database is local but is not in the data directory. Requires Notes 14 or higher.

Version 12.0.10 (included with Notes 12.0.2)

09 June 2022

  • New "Keep dialog open" option on the Choose A Profile Document dialog makes the dialog remain open after you open or delete a profile doc, until you uncheck it or click Cancel.
  • New Summary and Signed columns in the fields table make it easy for you to sort and find which fields are summary fields, and which ones are either signed or encrypted. These columns are hidden by default, you can now right-click anywhere on the field list to get a Columns menu, which allows you to show/hide any column in the table.
  • The Copy menu has a few new options, allowing you to easily copy selected field names, values, or full field info to the clipboard.
  • Document Properties plugin version is now displayed on the Info tab of the Document Properties dialog.
  • $FolderRef fields now show multiple folders, and they also have a human-readable list of folder names in addition to the folder UNIDs.
  • Fixed a bug where very large text and rich text fields might not display the full text in the information panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the CTRL-ALT-L hotkey was causing the Document Properties dialog to appear when users tried to type the "ļ" character on a Latvian keyboard.
  • PRO: New Actions menu on the Document Properties dialog, with options to Refresh Fields (which reloads the field table with the current values in the document), Compare With Current (which displays changes between the fields displayed in the dialog and the fields currently in the document, if they've changed), and Compare Later/Compare With Compare Later (same as the right-click menu in a view). Requires Notes 12.0.2 or higher.
  • PRO: Documents in the Document Compare dialog now have the same Copy, Edit, and Actions menus as the individual Document Properties dialog. This makes it easy to export fields, copy items between documents, etc. Requires Notes 12.0.2 or higher.
  • PRO: New "Open by NoteID or UNID" menu option.
  • INSTALLER: Better information on the Installer dialog about what version you currently have (if any) and why you can’t install Basic on 12.0.1+.

Version 12.0.9 (included with Notes 12.0.1 FP1)

18 February 2022

  • Initial release of Document Properties Pro!
  • Better detection of hidden database design
  • New notes.ini setting AdvProp_NoPro=1 to disable the use of the panagenda Document Properties Pro plugin

Version 12.0.8

31 January 2022

  • Fixed a problem where multiple Received fields on an internet email document would all show the same value
  • Hide fields in the Document Properties dialog when the $KeepPrivate flag is set
  • Hide fields in the Document Properties dialog if the database design is hidden
  • CTRL+ALT+L hotkey can now be disabled with notes.ini setting AdvProp_HotkeyEnabled=0, to avoid conflicts with Polish keyboard AltGR key combinations; it is also disabled specifically if the Notes client is started using the Polish locale, and we also try to avoid conflicts with the AltGr key combination if the Polish character is detected as input even if the ini setting is not set
  • Copyright updated to 2022

Version 12.0.7 (included with Notes 12.0.1)

15 September 2021

  • Dialog title bar now shows FirstName LastName instead of "Mr." (or similar) when viewing properties for a Person document.
  • The profile document Delete button is now hidden by default. It can be re-enabled using the notes.ini setting AdvProp_ProfileAllowDelete=1
  • Profile documents are now hard deleted so they don't end up in a soft-deletion view.
  • All known problems with Mail views in "gutter" mode (when "Show check marks in margin for selected documents" is active) have been fixed.

Version 12.0.6 (included with Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1)

30 July 2021

  • Fixed a display problem on MacOS Big Sur when the search option was used.

Version 12.0.5

12 July 2021

  • Fixed a problem where the Profile Document menu sometimes didn't work properly for empty Notes views in PIM databases.
  • Fixed a problem where the right-click menu was not available when right-clicking an image in a MIME email.

Version 12.0.4

08 July 2021

  • Computed-for-display fields are now listed if you get Document Properties for a document that is currently open in the UI.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: sometimes computed-for-display fields are not available for MIME emails.
  • Fix for duplicate error messages if you try to get Document Properties for a new document that hasn't been saved yet.
  • Fix for NullPointerException that could happen in rare cases when the Document Properties dialog gets refreshed when "follow document selection" is being used.

Version 12.0.3

01 July 2021

  • Added a progress bar dialog when getting a list of profile documents for databases with a lot of profile documents, because this can sometimes take a while.
  • Fixed a problem where databases with more than 6000 profile documents would return an error getting a list of profile documents.
  • Fixed a problem where MIME emails would sometimes not have the Advanced Properties menus when they were open in a tab.
  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't get document properties for soft-deleted documents.

Version 12.0.2

13 April 2021

  • Document Properties Info tab now shows if a document has been signed and/or encrypted, with signature information if available.
  • $FILE fields now show the size of the attachment in the size column, not the size of the field itself (which is much smaller).
  • Fixed a MacOS problem where it would take several seconds to refresh the field value pane in Document Properties, when switching from a very large field to another field.
  • Added a notes.ini variable AdvProp_menuVisibleInMailView, which hides the right-click Advanced Properties menu in folders and views in the mail database only. Admins can set the variable to "0" to activate this behavior, if they want to match the behavior of the native document properties menu in this situation (it's also hidden in the right-click menu of mail views). The top-level menus are not affected by this variable, only the right-click menu.
  • Made a few small changes to the mnemonics of the top-level menus, to make them easier to use (keys are closer together). The mnemonics are:
    • Document Properties:  Alt-F,V,D
    • Profile Documents:  Alt-F,V,F
    • Compare Selected:  Alt-F,V,C
    • Compare Later:  Alt-F,V,T
    • Compare with 'Compare Later':  Alt-F,V,W

Version 12.0.1

07 April 2021

  • Added notes.ini variables to control visibility of menus:
    • AdvProp_menuVisible=0 hides the entire "Advanced Properties" menu and all submenus
    • AdvProp_profileMenuVisible=0 hides the Profile Documents menu
    • AdvProp_compareLaterMenuVisible=0 hides the "Compare Later" menus
  • Added "Advanced Properties" options to the File menu and the File - Application menu, in addition to the right-click menu. You can use mnemonics to quickly open the menu items, for example ALT-F, V, P will open the Profile Documents menu item.
  • Advanced Document Properties dialog can now be triggered with CTL-ALT-L on Windows, CMD-ALT-L on Mac.
  • Dialog sizes are now persistent, so the next dialog you open will be the same size as the last.

Version 12.0.0

26 March 2021

  • Initial external release (we've been using this internally for a while)
  • Notes Standard (Eclipse-based) client versions supported: 8.5 - 12
  • Languages supported: English

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