These are the detailed release notes for the MarvelClient Eclipse Plugin, which is needed to manage the Eclipse part of Notes.

For a high-level overview of all changes, please take a look the main document for this release: MarvelClient 11.0

Releases in reverse chronological order:

Release 2020-06-26 - 11.0.3


Added new Eclipse actions that can modify items in the launcher bar of the Notes Standard client. Requires MarvelClient Binary 11.0.23 or higher, and MarvelClient Config Template 20200716 or higher.

Release 2020-05-06 - 11.0.2

CHANGERemoved some outdated functionality related to Sametime ImHub for Notes clients 9 and higher.

Release 2020-02-20 - 11.0.1


Added a new Eclipse action: Sametime Cloud Migration.
This action allows you to change the server of a Sametime Community configuration from the IBM Smart Cloud to another cloud or your own server.

Release 2020-01-31 - 11.0.0


Added a new Eclipse action to clean up the workbench.xmi file.

This file stores information about open tabs which will over time accumulate, since the client doesn't ever purge closed tabs from it. The new action will clean it up to remove all unused information. See Config DB release notes for more details.

FIXFixed an issue where newly installed plugins would not start immediately after installation, if the Notes data directory resides on a network drive.
FIXFixed an issue where running two Connections actions directly after each other would lead to problems with Account documents.