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This component release is part of MarvelClient 11.0
ENHANCEMENTAdded new agents to remove user* fields from all or selected user upload documents, for customers who previously collected information for those fields from the config.xml files and now want to remove them. These fields are no longer read from config.xml using the managed panagenda XSLT files.
FIXFixed a JavaScript error when clicking links in the user upload documents.
FIXModified the code that updates XSLT documents when templates are updated, to allow multiple managed XSLT docs with the same name, and to make sure any managed XSLT docs that are disabled will remain disabled after update.
FIXFixed numeric column display in Recent Apps view for Nomad.
FIXFixed the "Send outgoing mail" labels in the Add Ons - Replication and Sync views if Internet mail was used.
FIXPrevent the Audit agent from sending notification emails, if the Audit process has already sent the emails after being run manually.
FIXFix a potential "Cleanup ERROR 91 in line 582: Object variable not set" in Cleanup agent, improved error handling overall.
FIXFixed errors in PostProcessing agent that could occur if the catalog.nsf database did not exist on the server.