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This component release is part of MarvelClient 11.0
ENHANCEMENTThe Notes - by Notes & MC Release view now indicates if the Eclipse plugin is found on a client that is running Notes in Basic mode.
ENHANCEMENTLocal Databases - by Filename view is now categorized by filename first.
ENHANCEMENTNew options for 'Cleanup MCUpgrade' in the Cleanup Configuration document: Delete MCUpgrade results by package names once, and Delete MCUpgrade results older than # of days.
CHANGEIf you open a view that contains data produced by an XSLT document, and that XSLT document is disabled, a messagebox is now displayed to indicate that new data for that view won't be created unless the XSLT document is enabled.
FIXXPages content would sometimes use Times New Roman font.