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This component release is part of MarvelClient 12.0

Workaround for a problem where the Audit agent would not fully process large batches of upload documents, but it would set all the upload documents to processed anyway. This is due to a Java bug specific to Domino 11.0.1FP3 and Domino 12. Some details are in this HCL technote: 

ENHANCEMENTIf the Audit agent fails to process files correctly, the log now has better information about which files failed to process and why
CHANGEThe config.xsl file will now clear the notes_userdetails_mailfile_local_is_managed_replica field if it hasn't been set by the config.xml file in an upload document, for more accurate reporting on clients with and without managed mail replicas
FIXFixed the computed link to the Config database in the navigator, if the Analyze database is from a MarvelClient Essentials install
FIXFixed a potential "Error 165 External function not found" when using the "Run Cleanup/Automailer once now" button on the Cleanup document