Welcome to MarvelClient 12.0!

Thank you for taking your time to read our release notes.
Here you will find all information about MC 12.0.0, as well as any subsequent MC 12.0.x releases, as they become available.

Latest Versions

Config: 20231106123200
Analyze: 20231106123200
dll/dylib: 12.0.71
Upgrade: 12.0.48
Eclipse plugin: 12.0.3

What's new?

An overview of some of the more prominent changes; for more in-depth information consult the other sections further down, especially the detailed release notes.

MarvelClient Essentials for Notes/Domino 12

As with Notes/Domino 10 and 11, MarvelClient is also included in V12. The installer can be found on the Domino server, and the client part is already present on your Notes clients.

New No-Touch Activation of MarvelClient Essentials

Even better, your Domino 12 server has MarvelClient Essentials activation built-in to the Domino Directory. Go to the new MarvelClient view in the Directory and activate MC Essentials on all your Notes 12 clients by simply creating a few documents and flipping a switch in the Directory Profile. No client configuration required! See About MarvelClient and Notes/Domino >= V12 for details.

MarvelClient Upgrade 25 Free

Need help upgrading your Notes clients to V12? We have a new special offer that lets you use MarvelClient Upgrade on a small number of clients for free, so you can try it out. For a link to the offer, along with a detailed webinar from the Notes 12 launch event that demonstrates MC Upgrade and highlights many of the ways that MarvelClient can help your Notes 12 clients run smoothly, see this blog entry: Domino Dozen or The Wonders of MarvelClient.

MarvelClient Included in All HCL Nomad Clients

MarvelClient is now included with HCL Nomad Web (as of version 1.0.1). This means that MarvelClient comes with all versions of HCL Nomad: iOS, Android, and Web. See our Knowledge Base for more information, or watch our webinar: Nomad For Web Browsers and MarvelClient: A Match Made in Heaven

Change Logging in the Config Database

The MarvelClient Config database has a new Change Logging feature, that logs all the changes you make to actions. If something seems different when your MarvelClient actions run, go to the Advanced - Logs view and see what changed! Requires template version 20210122121100 or higher.

New Cleanup Configuration in the Analyze Database

Is your Analyze database getting too large? Try the new Cleanup Configuration options in the Administration section and get rid of those old or duplicate documents.

Windows 64-Bit Client Support

HCL released the Windows 64-bit Notes client starting with version 12.0.2. MarvelClient Essentials was bundled with that release, and the full MarvelClient binary is ready to work with 64-bit clients from day one. For more information, please see MarvelClient Support for HCL Notes 64-Bit Windows Clients.

Attention - Action Required

These are changes that might require you to pay attention, and/or do something after updating to this version.

You'll find all these in the detailed release notes as well.

HCL Notes 12 support

MarvelClient versions older than 12 will not work on Notes 12, so make sure to update MarvelClient before upgrading Notes.

Location and Connection actions on Nomad

On newer Nomad clients, existing Location and Connection actions will not work unless you have a Config database template version 20210708 or higher, and you resave the actions with Nomad platforms selected. This is because certain Location and Connection options are not appropriate for Nomad clients, and we want to make sure you don't accidentally push these settings out to Nomad clients without reviewing them first.

System Requirements


Rich client:
Version: 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.0.0, 11.0.1, 12.0.0, 12.0.1, 12.0.2. This includes Basic, Standard and ICAA/HCAA clients (note: HCAA requires MC 11.0.18+ to work properly).
Operating system: Windows 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 7, 8, 10, 11, and Citrix/WTS. Apple macOS Catalina, BigSur, Monterey, Ventura. Linux.
Note: Support is limited for platform and release combinations not supported by HCL.

Version: 1.0.4 and higher
Operating system: all iOS/iPadOS, Android, and browser versions that are supported by above versions of Nomad.


For certain administrative tasks, such as OnlineUpdate, administrators are required to use at least Notes 9.0.1 FP8 and are limited to Notes clients running on Windows.
The Config and Analyze databases will have some additional limitations when used from Nomad. No XPages for content display, no Java limiting several features like manually starting the audit agent or performing OnlineUpdate.


Any Domino and OS version supported by HCL.

Platform-specific limitations

Some functionality is not available on all Notes client operating systems.


Generally, we support most functionalities of the Manage, Migrate and Analyze modules (= MarvelClient Basic), as well as Automate. Some features will behave differently, and some functionalities are absent due to technical platform limitations:

  • The runtypes "Shutdown" and "Exit Notes" are not supported
  • The runtype "First Server Access" is there, but simply runs one minute after start, regardless of a successful server access
  • No Rollback
  • No Run Program actions
  • No Recent Contacts management
  • No Smart File Downloader
  • Extended XML Export: No keyfile export
  • .ini Management is limited to notes.ini and MC variables - no other .ini files
  • No DLL Update (not needed; MarvelClient is built into HCL Nomad)
  • A few Analyze features are limited as well


Our support for Linux is generally limited, newer features will not be available. A list of major functionality that is absent:

  • Eclipse Management
  • Skinning
  • Realtime
  • Zip/Unzip
  • Attachment Blocking 
  • Runtypes: "Before Login - Init", "After Login - After Write", "On first server access", "Background - Init" and "Background"


  • Skinning
  • Realtime
  • Zip/Unzip
  • Attachment Blocking

Windows 64-bit client

  • Desktop compact
  • Relocator
  • Recent Contacts
  • Skinning

Detailed Release Notes

There is one document per component, each document contains all 12.0.x releases in reverse chronological order.