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This component release is part of MarvelClient 12.0

New view for notes.ini Preferences by User. This also allowed us to add a new Preferences tab to the user upload doc.

ENHANCEMENTAdded an "Open HW/SW Inventory" button to the OS/HW tab of the user upload doc, which will automatically search for and attempt to open the user's HW/SW Inventory doc.
CHANGEHide "Collect support data" link on welcome screen for Nomad Web and iOS users
CHANGERemoved "this database uses Java applets" warning when opening the Analyze DB with Nomad Web
CHANGE / FIXEnabled ports displayed for Location documents are now more accurate when "EnabledPorts" is not available
CHANGE / FIXUpdated the Inventory agent so it does not run on Nomad Web
CHANGE / FIXUpdated the Collect LocalNamesDetails agent to better support Nomad Web