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Analyze DB


Made formulas in the web migration lookup view more efficient.

ENHANCEMENTThe "Count number of unique monitored users" button now shows how many user documents have been updated in the past 90 days, to avoid overcounting users who are no longer active.
CHANGESoft deleted documents are now excluded from several of the "Users" views where they were previously visible.
CHANGEEnhanced roaming DXLExport/Import now restricts the number of URL documents that are roamed to bookmark.nsf.
CHANGE / FIXEnhanced roaming DXLExport/Import now includes additional "HomePages and links" documents to allow custom homepages to roam properly and avoid an "Unable to load frame's content" error at startup.
CHANGE / FIXThe Cleanup action now tries to keep at least one desktop backup and one backup for each backup key, if they are within the "outdated" time frame. Previously the cleanup was based only on username and backup date.
CHANGE / FIXChanged a few translated messages in the Cleanup agent.
FIXFixed a rare condition that could cause the Cleanup agent to display a "Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large" error.