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This component release is part of MarvelClient 12.0
ENHANCEMENTBetter detection of Nomad Web version numbers in Nomad specific views
ENHANCEMENTBrowser type and version is now displayed on the OS/HW tab of upload documents for Nomad Web 1.0.6 and higher
ENHANCEMENTAdded "Mail - Refresh Inbox Automatically" and "Mail Notification - Show in Systray" to Notes.ini Preferences view categories
ENHANCEMENTMade it easier to clear out a custom lookup key from the dialog that is displayed by the "Open HW/SW Inventory" button
FIXFixed a problem where the "Open HW/SW Inventory" button would incorrectly display a "This document must be audited" error message if you change the lookup key
FIXThe MCUpgrade Postprocessing agent now properly recognizes ODS 55