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This component release is part of MarvelClient 12.0
ENHANCEMENTThe "X. Addon PERNAB: Collect LocalNamesDetails" agent now also collects mail template details as <notes:userdetails_mailtemplate>, this makes the agent "(Get MailDB Template Name)" obsolete
ENHANCEMENTImproved the categorization for Nomad clients in the "Notes - by Notes and MC Release" view
FIXFixed a problem where the text in the error dialog from a failed "Open HW/SW Inventory" attempt can be truncated if the upload key is long
FIXAudit logs will no longer report "Warning processing XML File empty file" for users who have Location documents with no Replicator Page information
FIXFixed a problem where XPages charts and detail documents would not be displayed if the Domino server common name contains dots