Customers who use ECL Lockdown together with the - No Signature - entry not having the right to read and write from/to the source window (see File\Security\User Security ...\What Others Do\Using JavaScript) ...

... may run into the following issue when opening or creating documents in both the MarvelClient Config and Analyze database, as well as when attempting to run Online Update via Administration\Online Update.

The resulting error messages are an Execution Security Alert for - No Signature - and "Read access to same window" ...

... followed by "User-defined error":

To fix the issue, please perform an Online Update as follows:

Please make sure you are in any view in the MarvelClient Config database, positioned on a document (not on a category, and not looking at the Welcome screen).

Next, select Actions\O. Online Update\1. Perform Full Online Update from the Notes client menu:

After Online Update has finished, close the MarvelClient Config database. Add the following Role to the ACL of BOTH the Config AND Analyze database:


Assign it to all users / groups who have a locked down ECL.

Open the database(s) and verify that you can open/create documents and access Administration\Online Update without errors.

Users with the role [NoButtonTrans] will see English buttons only. This is a Notes client limitation, not a MarvelClient issue.
To enjoy translated button labels, you need to grant - No Signature - the rights to read and write to source window, as unfortunately the Notes client does not honor signing of parent design elements when executing therein contained JavaScript code.