On the Citrix tab, you can define special options for upgrading Notes on Citrix(/Windows Terminal Server (WTS)):


Citrix Optimization only works on Citrix/WTS and requires a multiuser installation. An installation according to IBM/HCL defaults is highly recommended.

Disable / Enable Citrix Optimization

Disables or Enables the below Citrix Optimization options.
"Enable on Citrix only" will check during an upgrade run, whether upgrade is running on Citrix/WTS and only then enable workspace optimization at runtime.

Stop and Disable Services

List of Services to stop and disable when Citrix Optimization is enabled.

Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Disables DEP, which for various customers increases Notes client stability.
The setting can be found in Windows Performance Monitor, on the Data Execution Prevention tab.

Compact Templates

Compacts all templates in the shared data directory, including all MUI directories thereunder. This helps speed up initial client startups.

Enable Workspace Optimization

For Notes Standard (=Eclipse) clients, MarvelClient Upgrade can speed up an initial client start significantly, by pre-building a workspace directory into the shared data\Common directory.
When enabled, MarvelClient Upgrade will start the upgraded client twice in the console session and wait for the client to update/complete the workspace directory.
Once completed, it will copy a clean version of the so prepared workspace into the shared data\Common e.g., %ProgramData%\HCL\Notes\Common.
Together with MarvelClient Roaming, Workspace Optimization helps our Citrix customers speed up their Notes client starts significantly, and save 95% network traffic and backup volume.


You should not edit any of the settings below "Enable Workspace Optimization" unless so instructed by panagenda Support or Consulting.