There's a lot of information about Notes and Domino on the HCL website, but sometimes it's hard to find or it's hard to know where to start looking.

Here's a list of useful links that can help.

HCL Customer Support

This is the landing page for HCL support, including the Knowledgebase. If you're a registered customer, there's also a link to create a case (trouble ticket) with support.

How to Use Flexnet

Flexnet is the system HCL uses to manage software licenses and downloads. However, it's not always easy to use. This article has some good tips.

HCL Product Documentation

Links to the online product documentation. In particular, see the Digital Solutions section:

HCL Product Lifecycle

A complete list of General Availability and End of Support dates for the entire range of HCL products.

HCL Domino System Requirements

A list of links to the system requirements pages for various Notes/Domino versions.

Guide for Upgrading to HCL Notes/Domino 12

A good document for planning and completing your upgrade from older versions of Notes/Domino to version 12.

There is also an older guide for upgrading to HCL Notes/Domino 11.

HCL Notes Forum

The new Notes/Domino forum, where you can ask (and answer) questions to the community.

Domino Ideas Portal

The ideas portal is a site where you can submit feature requests to the HCL product team, and vote on other people's ideas if you like them. There's no guarantee that any of the ideas will be implemented, but HCL does watch the site and several of the ideas have actually made it into the product, including panagenda's very own Advanced Document Properties plugin!

Archived Notes LDD Forums and Wikis

Almost all of the old IBM LDD forums and wikis are also available on the HCL site. This page has a list of links. They're in a read-only state, and they're archived for historical purposes, but there's still a LOT of good information here that can be useful.

Fix List Database

The old Fix List database still exists too, and it's still being updated with SPRs and fixes for the latest versions of Notes/Domino.

Here's a list of all the release notes for various Notes/Domino versions (we'll keep this updated as regularly as possible).

12.0.2 FP12023-04-17
12.0.22022-11-07Codename "Danube"; first release with a 64-bit Windows client
12.0.1 Interim Fixes
All the IF releases for 12.0.1, usually containing only a few fixes in each package
12.0.12021-12-14Includes the panagenda Document Properties plugin!

11.0.1 Interim Fixes
All the IF releases for 11.0.1, usually containing only a few fixes in each package
11.0.1FP42021-10-08Support for Domino Designer on Windows 11
11.0.1FP22020-11-18Support for BigSur on Mac
11.0.1FP12020-08-03Mac Notarized installer released separately on 2020-08-24

Not a full fixlist for this version (because there were so many changes), but a lot of links to What's New, Known Issues, etc.

Full rebranding from IBM to HCL in this version, including changing the Java runtime to OpenJDK J9.

10.0.1 Interim Fixes
All the IF releases for 10.0.1, usually containing only a few fixes in each package
10.0.1 FP72021-07-14
10.0.1 FP62020-09-28
10.0.1 FP52020-05-20
10.0.1 FP42020-02-05
10.0.1 FP32019-09-09
10.0.1 FP22019-05-28
10.0.1 FP12019-03-30
10.0.12018-12-18MarvelClient Essentials now included!
10.0.02018-10-10Not a full fixlist for this version (because there were so many changes), but a Top 20 fix list instead

9.0.1 Interim Fixes
All the IF releases for 9.0.1, usually containing only a few fixes in each package
9.0.1 FP102018-02-01Eclipse for the Notes client changed to version 4.6.2
9.0.1 FP92017-08-18
9.0.1 FP82017-03-07Java runtime changed to version 1.8
9.0.1 FP72016-09-13
9.0.1 FP62016-05-13
9.0.1 FP52015-11-30
9.0.1 FP42015-06-17
9.0.1 FP32015-01-21
9.0.1 FP22014-08-20
9.0.1 FP12014-04-16