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Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.7.0

New Features


  • Domino Database Analyzer: this new feature gives an insight into database settings and properties on multiple servers. By scanning each individual database on selected servers, a very detailed way of inspecting the database infrastructure becomes available. As an introduction into this new area, a few example rules have been defined for three areas: security, performance and health. Use the interactive overview to see your servers validated by these criteria.
  • Topology Explorer: visualizing your server infrastructure based on connection documents is the core of this new feature, that comes as a separate application next to the usual GreenLight front end. We enrich this basic topology with information about data flow between servers. A new approach to finding how data actually flows in what volume within the environment or at what point it leaves the environment.
  • Network Authorities: this new entity within GreenLight allows to define reference points in order to evaluate network connectivity. A typical example would be GreenLight's own gateway. If the system is not able to reach it, likely other operations will fail not because of a Domino problem, but a network problem that might not even affect user access to monitored servers. To avoid incorrect measurements, alerts, etc. related to issues like that, every action can now be set to act depending on network authority status. Please see the server configuration wizard to populate this new setting.


  • Domino Data Extractor Sensor: this new sensor allows reading content from a Domino database view. Two columns have to be specified (key and value) in order to gather information. While all kinds of data can be read and displayed within the front end, only numerical values will be stored into GreenLight's historical data repository.

Live Monitor

  • Health Monitor: a new functionality has been added that allows an administrator to publish their views in order to provide other users a starting point, instead of having to start from scratch with a simple list of available servers.


  • New Report Template: Storage Utilization Details now takes the Transaction log disk into account and gives information about how much disk usage has in-/decreased in the reporting period.



  • The format for displaying numeric data can now be configured per user and is not tied to the selected locale anymore (e.g. an Austrian user who prefers an English interface can now display numbers in the correct Austrian format).


  • Mail Analysis Sensor: this sensor is now cluster-aware. If a cluster member is down, the other cluster members will be checked for the existence of the sent mail (see Mail Flow Analysis Sensor - Advanced Usage for further information and required configuration settings).
  • Domino DB Access Sensor: a second mode of operation has been introduced for this sensor. In addition to the old "single database detail inspection", the new mode allows multiple databases to be inspected on a surface level. This allows a list of databases on servers to be checked for existence and possible issues like corruption.

Live Monitor

  • Improved Health Grid Column Handling: double-clicking on a column separator will now resize a column. CTRL + double-click on a column separator will reset column sizes for all columns. This reset can also be performed within the Health Grid column configuration dialog.


  • Chart Tabular View: Status and server name can now be displayed as separate columns and additional minor improvements have been made.


  • Report Column Headers: column description text will now be displayed on mouse over.

Bug Fixes

Live Monitor

  • Traveler Dashboard: fixed a bug where "MaxHttp Tasks" where displayed incorrectly.
  • Domino Task Statistics: Fixed a bug with action configurations for this sensor.