panagenda ApplicationInsights (also referred to as "AI" in this documentation) is delivered as a virtual appliance that provides continuous and detailed information on IBM Notes / Domino application usage and design in the form of easily understandable graphs and visualizations. It offers reports on design complexity of applications and gives insights into the application landscape for optimization, migration, modernization and transformation purposes. panagenda ApplicationInsights offers administrators, developers and management the means to plan, manage execute and monitor a Domino application modernization strategy.

In order to do so, AI provides:

  • Environment and inventory overviews
  • Insights into usage from IBM Notes Rich clients and browsers
  • Usage information per hierarchical department and user for analyzed databases
  • Analytics on design and source code complexity
  • Detailed „Design Insights" based on source code search patterns
  • Design similarity and identification of „Template Candidates"
  • Continuous collection of data (overview, usage and design changes)
  • The option to define your own custom insights
  • Platform wide code searches

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