Online Update 

After setting up your databases, please open the Configuration database. panagenda customers will be automatically prompted to perform an Online Update. For MarvelClient Essentials, you can simply click on the entry Administration\Online Update in the Navigator to open the panagenda MarvelClient Online Update Configuration.

Database signing

Please ensure that your MarvelClient databases are properly signed upon initial installation and after any future Online Updates.

To do so, open Domino Administrator, navigate to the location of your MarvelClient databases, right click on both databases and select “Sign”. Select your desired signing ID (user or server) and sign “All design documents”.

Ideal signing IDs are IDs which have the right to run Agents on the server.

Scheduling the (Audit All) Agent in the MarvelClient Analyze database

In order to (significantly) reduce network traffic and the number of NRPC calls (HCL Notes clients and Domino servers communicate with each other through so called Notes Remote Procedure Calls ) between MarvelClient and the Analyze database, information is not directly uploaded into fields within documents, but through zipped XML file attachments. These XML files need to be unzipped on the server-side to fill in all necessary fields for proper visualization of client configuration information in documents and views.

The (Audit All) agent can do this automatically for you on a scheduled basis:

Enable the (Audit All) Agent in the appropriate Analyze database replica(s) - the appropriate one(s) depend(s) on your environment – see Installation Types.

Open the Analyze database in Domino Designer, navigate to “(Audit All)” (Code > Agents) and double click on it. Click on the “Schedule” button (Properties tab: Basics) to open the Agent’s schedule dialog and select the appropriate server on which the Audit agent shall run on a scheduled basis. Lastly, you may want to adjust the agent schedule.

NOTE: It is recommended to not run the audit agent during peak working hours, since at that moment many clients update their Analyze database documents.  

(Optionally) Scheduling the (Cleanup) Agent in the MarvelClient Analyze database

As to automatically delete outdated documents in the Analyze database (e.g. when users haven't updated their profile for a certain, configurable number of days because they have left the company), the Analyze database comes with an appropriate Cleanup agent. Schedule the agent similar to the steps described above for the Audit All agent and refer to Cleanup & more configuration for further details of how to configure the Cleanup options.