These are the detailed release notes for the MarvelClient binary files (dll and dylib) for Windows, Mac, and Nomad.

For a high-level overview of all changes, please take a look the main document for this release: MarvelClient 12.0

Releases in reverse chronological order:

Release 2022-11-25 - 12.0.58


Add 256-bit AES as an encryption option for actions that create a local replica (new option in Notes 12.0.2 client)


Add Dark Mode as an option for Workspace Background actions (new option in Notes 12.0.2 client)

Release 2022-11-07 - 12.0.57


Fixed a problem on Win64 clients where NotesSession.GetEnvironmentString("MC->...")  and SetEnvironmentString("MC->...") calls in agents that ran using the FSAC runtime would not return values if other agents ran before login

Release 2022-10-31 - 12.0.56


Fixed a problem introduced in 12.0.54 where the desktop.xml file was not created

Release 2022-10-25 - 12.0.54


Notes data directory is now detected correctly if the notes.ini uses an 8.3 short path


Fixed a problem where desktop icons could be missing if performing a Roaming Rollback from the Analyze DB


Fixed a problem introduced in 12.0.46 where roaming could cause hidden icons on the desktop to become visible

Release 2022-10-10 - 12.0.53


Added 32/64 bit indicator to log.xml and DLL properties for troubleshooting


Fixed a problem where activating the ZapNotes tool might not work


NotesSession.GetEnvironmentString("MC->...")  and SetEnvironmentString("MC->...") calls now work in agents on Win64 clients


Fixed a problem where MarvelClient did not properly detect existing DLLs if the Notes data directory was specified as a short (8.3) path

Release 2022-09-08 - 12.0.51


Fixed a roaming problem with 12.0.1 clients, where using a KeyFileName parameter in a stub notes.ini file could cause a "File name too long or invalid file name syntax" error at Notes startup

Release 2022-04-24 - 12.0.38


Removed an internal restriction that prevented the Compact Desktop action from running if there was a very large number of desktop icons (~ 800 or more)

Release 2022-03-21 - 12.0.36


Nomad related changes for upcoming releases

Release 2022-03-18 - 12.0.35 - HCL Nomad Web 1.0.3, HCL Nomad iOS 1.0.20


Release for Nomad, included with Nomad Web 1.0.2 and iOS 1.0.20

ENHANCEMENTNomad Web about page now shows full details about the MarvelClient deployment, including Config DB location and number of actions run (same as iOS and Android)

Release 2022-02-22 - 12.0.33


You can now set defaults for MarvelClient config sections (e.g. notes, mc, os, zip) via the notes.ini using the format: MC_Default_section_key=value

MC_Default_section_key_reset=value can be used as a one time override, the notes.ini key will be deleted after it's been read the first time.

Release 2021-12-16 - 12.0.32

NEWEssentials only release
NEWBackup actions now add a t_os_platform field to upload documents

Fixed an error "cannot execute action: AM::ActionSpecializer<class EXEC::RecentContacts>::GetExecutableFulltype: no executable".

Release 2021-12-02 - 12.0.31 - HCL Nomad Web 1.0.2

NEWRelease for Nomad Web, included with Nomad Web 1.0.2
NEWMarvelClient Nomad Web Migration is new in this release! This is a feature that copies the icons, workspace pages, and recent apps from your HCL Notes desktop client to your HCL Nomad Web client the very first time you use Nomad Web. See the Nomad Web Migration documentation for more information.

Release 2021-11-22 - 12.0.30

ENHANCEMENTAgents run by MarvelClient actions no longer require the "system" parameter when using NotesSession.GetEnvironmentString to get MC variables

Agents run by MarvelClient actions can now use fallbacks when getting values for MC variables. For example, the LotusScript code:

NotesSession.GetEnvironmentString("MC->ini:MCUploadDB=fall\back.nsf", True)

would return the value of the MCUploadDB notes.ini variable if it exists, and "fall\back.nsf" if it does not.

ENHANCEMENTInternal improvements to license handling code

OS version string properly reports Windows 11 and MacOS Monterey

NOTE: the initial release of Windows 11 has a version number of 10.0.22000, so the "major version" for Windows 11 is "10". This is similar to what Microsoft did with Windows 7 and 8, which both had major versions of "6". For proper identification of Windows 11 machines, please use either os:version_build (should be 22000 or higher) or os:version_string (should start with "Windows 11").

Release 2021-10-14 - 12.0.28

NEWEssentials only release

Release 2021-10-06 - 12.0.27

FIXFixed a problem where a password prompt could be displayed during initial roaming, if specific log settings were enabled.

Release 2021-09-17 - 12.0.26

ENHANCEMENTSmall internal improvement to the way existing desktop icons are processed during roaming.

Release 2021-09-02 - 12.0.25 - HCL Nomad Web 1.0.1

NEWInitial release for Nomad Web, included with Nomad Web 1.0.1

Release 2021-08-18 - 12.0.22

FIXFixed a problem where older Location actions could get skipped on desktop clients. This problem was introduced in 12.0.21.

Release 2021-08-13 - 12.0.21 - HCL Nomad 1.0.15

ENHANCEMENTLocation or Connection actions will not run on the latest Nomad clients by default, unless the action documents are reopened and the Nomad platforms are explicitly selected for those actions. This requires Config template version 20210806 or higher.
FIXFixed a problem where using the "unzip all files" option when saving file attachments wouldn't save files that weren't zipped. This problem was introduced in 12.0.10.
FIXFixed a problem with shutdown on MacOS, if the db_dbopentimeout setting was used.

Release 2021-07-12 - 12.0.19

ENHANCEMENTAdded logging for the number of files and folders that are scanned when looking for backup/roaming sets, to more easily diagnose problems when scanning large directories.
FIXFixed a problem where running a desktop compact action when the new Notes 12 workspace was active could cause the client to shutdown after login.
FIXFixed a problem where getting information from the ID file could fail if the file was already open by another process.

Release 2021-06-28 - 12.0.18

FIXFixed a problem where workspace tabs in the new Notes 12 navigator could get set to 6, 7, 8... instead of 0, 1, 2... at initial setup.

Release 2021-06-25 - 12.0.17


Fixed an issue with roaming that was introduced in 12.0.15.

Release 2021-06-24 - 12.0.16

FIXImplemented a workaround for a problem on Notes 12 standard clients where workspace tabs in the new navigator could get duplicated.

Release 2021-06-18 - 12.0.15

CHANGELogging improvements for troubleshooting slow network access when roaming.
CHANGERemoved warning in the logs about missing feedcontent.ntf for Notes 12, because that template is no longer included with the client.
FIXFixed a problem where the OS version was not being calculated properly on MacOS, leading to missing <version> information in config.xml. This was introduced in 12.0.2.

Release 2021-05-28 - 12.0.13

FIXFixed a problem where an MCUpgrade action could run in a situation when it should be excluded from running, when the logical conditions of the action were formulated in a very specific way.

Release 2021-05-06 - 12.0.12

FIXFixed a problem where 'Exclude from Zip' conditions were case-sensitive.

Release 2021-04-26 - 12.0.11

ENHANCEMENTAdded new config variables zip:ZipFileSaveHideUI and zip:ZipFileAttachHideUI, which can be used to disable the MarvelZip options in the File Attach and File Save dialogs. 
FIXRestoring the backup of the local names.nsf file could fail if the original names.nsf didn't have a template defined, and "Data only" roaming was used. This issue was introduced in 12.0.6.

Release 2021-04-01 - 12.0.10


Testing new Attachment Blocking feature for zipped attachments, more details and final functionality will be in a future release.

Release 2021-03-29 - 12.0.9

FIXFixed a problem where the MarvelClient release string changed in such a way that it could no longer be parsed properly by the Analyze Database. This issue was introduced in 12.0.6.

Release 2021-03-25 - 12.0.8

NEW / ENHANCEMENTMarvelClient now supports NFL (Notes Federated Login) on MacOS, if MC_SyncAfterLogin=1 is set in the Notes Preferences file.
ENHANCEMENTNew notes.ini setting: MC_WinFindFirstFileOptimization. When this is set to "1", it can improve performance reading files and directories from network shares on Windows, if the network connection is slow or unreliable.
ENHANCEMENTImprovements for Notes 12 Beta 2.

Release 2021-03-22 - 12.0.7

ENHANCEMENTInternal version for testing changes to network file access.

Release 2021-03-11 - 12.0.6 - HCL Nomad 1.0.12

FIXFixed a problem where the console.log message reporting active MarvelClient version gets cut off if both MarvelClient Full and MarvelClient Essentials were active.
FIXCleaned up some confusing log messages when a new Connection document was created by MarvelClient.

Release 2021-03-04 - 12.0.5

NEWAdded <filesystem:size_kb> and <filesystem:size_bytes> as new options for filesystem references; previously only size_mb was available.

New config variables for the age of the most recent action in a user's actions.xml:

- mc:actions_last_timestamp, e.g. 20210330T132249Z
- mc:actions_last_timestamp_age_ms, in milliseconds

The config variables will be updated when more recent actions become available (e.g. when MarvelClient reads new actions from the Config-Db)

FIXProper detection of iMac Pro hardware.
FIXFixed a potential timeout issue when opening local files and databases.

Release 2021-02-24 - 12.0.4

FIXFixed an issue where recent contacts didn't roam properly if 'data only' was used for roaming the local address book. 

Release 2021-02-17 - 12.0.3

FIXFixed a rare (and hard to reproduce) problem at Notes startup with Notes 9 FP9 when MC_SyncAfterLogin was set.

Release 2021-02-12 - 12.0.2

FIXFixes for Notes 12 beta startup issues on MacOS.

Release 2021-02-03 - 12.0.1

ENHANCEMENTInternal version for testing MarvelClient Essentials with the Notes 12 beta 1 client.

Release 2021-02-02 - 12.0.0

NEWInitial release for Notes 12, for testing with the Beta 1 client.