Below is a list of MarvelClient features that are currently available and licensed for the various HCL Nomad platforms. Additional functionality might be available in the future, as new features become available in both MarvelClient and HCL Nomad.

In general:

  • MarvelClient for Nomad Mobile (iOS and Android) has features available to the MarvelClient Basic license
  • MarvelClient for Nomad Web has features available to the MarvelClient Essentials license by default
  • MarvelClient customers who have a Basic license also get additional features on MarvelClient for Nomad Web

You can see a chart with the different features available for Essentials and Basic licenses for rich client platforms on this page: Comparison of MarvelClient Essentials vs. MarvelClient Basic 

The chart below is similar, although features that aren't available on HCL Nomad clients due to platform limitations are not listed.

AnalyzeWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
Desktop, Bookmarks
notes.ini, User Preferences
Mailfile Details
HCL Notes Version and Installation Information
Local Databases / Replicas
Server<->Client Latency
Locations, Connections, Accounts, Certificates
OS and Hardware Overview

ConfigurationWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
notes.ini and MC Config Variables
Any .ini, xml, or json File
User Preferences

Up/DownloadWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
Upload Data for Analyze
Smart File Downloader

File Deployment (platform restrictions may apply)

RunWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
Run Agents
Run Notes Formulas
Run Programs

MigrateWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
Mass Change to Update Database Links
Mass Delete to Remove Database Links

ManageWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
Workspace Pages
Desktop Icons
Profile Documents
Local Replicas

Nomad SpecificWeb unlicensedWeb + BasiciOSAndroid
App Restrictions
Recent Apps
Nomad Location
Nomad Web Migration *** ***

Nomad RoamingWeb + RoamingiOS + RoamingAndroid + Roaming

**** **** ****

** local replicas are available beginning in HCL Nomad Web 1.0.4

*** Nomad Web Migration is available beginning in HCL Nomad Web 1.0.2

**** Nomad Roaming is available beginning in HCL Nomad Web 1.0.5, HCL Nomad iOS 1.0.24, and HCL Nomad Android 1.0.34