MarvelClient can be customized for your environment based on the following notes.ini entries. 

notes.ini entries for customizing MarvelClient

notes.ini entryDescriptionExample value(s)

Mandatory if the Configuration database is not installed in the default location.
For MarvelClient Essentials, MC_DB defaults to %notes_homeserver%!!panagenda\pmc_config.nsf
For panagenda customers, MC_DB defaults to

The Configuration database that MarvelClient shall synchronize new, changed, removed and enabled/disabled Actions and Conditions with

%notes_homeserver% is resolved via a so called NameLookup, with fallback to the user's current location, followed by notes.ini:MailServer

If neither results in a respective home/mail server, MarvelClient will attempt to open the database according to ini:MC_DB_LastReachable

If not specified see default values in first column of this table row.

%notes_homeserver% is resolved at runtime; see Description column to the left for details.


Recommended for initial client setups

If the Configuration database server is configured as %notes_homeserver% and a home/mail server cannot be resolved, the download procedure will fallback to the server and database specified through this notes.ini parameter

NOTE: this setting is only applicable if MC_DB= contains %notes_homeserver%, which should be the case for just about any production rollout

MC_DB_UnavailableIf the Configuration database cannot be opened, MarvelClient will fall back to the server and database specified through this notes.ini entry

NOTE: be careful with IP timeout settings - setting too low values might lead to "loosing connectivity".
NOTE: ini:TCPIP_TcpConnectTimeout is specified in seconds, mc:db_dbopentimeout in ms(!)

See also ini:TCPIP_TcpConnectTimeout, mc:db_dbopentimeout and mc:db_checktimedout


Configured through a notes.ini management Action in the MarvelClient Configuration database.

Used for uploading data into the MarvelClient Analyze database, HW/SW inventory and/or collection of e.g., location and connection documents


Path to the Analyze database on the current Config DB server. The server gets added automatically, just provide the path.

no default; must be specified when collecting HW & SW inventory and/or Location/Connection documents

MC_WorkingDirectorySpecifies the location of the panagenda MarvelClient Working Directory%notes_data%\mc

Defaults to the following values per platform for MarvelClient Essentials:
%localappdata%\panagenda\pmc on Windows
/Users/%USERNAME%/Library/Application Support/panagenda/pmc on Mac 64 Bit

Defaults to the following values per platform for panagenda Customers:
%os_local_app_data%\panagenda\marvel on Windows
/Users/%USERNAME%/Library/Application Support/panagenda/marvel on Mac 64 Bit
/tmp/panagenda/marvel on Linux and Mac 32 Bit


Mandatory for MarvelClient Roaming via Fileserver

Specifies the location of the panagenda MarvelClient Network Directory;
The actions.xml file is copied from/to this location at every client start/shutdown to ensure that (MarvelClient) roaming clients can re-use instructions across multiple computers



Recommended to set to 2 for initial client setups

By default, panagenda MarvelClient does nothing if the notes.ini Setup= entry is missing when starting an HCL Notes client, leaving initial client setup entirely to HCL and the respective deployment configuration.

In order to use MarvelClient to fully configure HCL Notes clients during the very first client start, set MC_AllowSyncDuringSetup=2 in notes.ini

0 (or not set)=by default, panagenda MarvelClient does nothing if the notes.ini Setup= entry is missing during client startup

1=if MC_AllowSyncDuringSetup is set to 1, MarvelClient will synchronize during every client start, irregardless of whether that is a good idea or not
NOTE: you are advised to NOT set MC_AllowSyncDuringSetup to 1 unless so instructed by panagenda support

2=recommended; MarvelCient will synchronize during initial client setup if KeyFileName= is specified in notes.ini (or via ConfigFile= or ID Vault) and points to an existing / accessible file

defaults to not set


Recommended for initial client setups

Prevents HCL Notes from prompting users for a password twice during initial client setup


only use in combination with MC_AllowSyncDuringSetup=2 

defaults to not set


Mandatory for when using ID vault and MarvelClient should automatically download a user's ID file during initial client startup/setup

By default, MarvelClient does not download user ids from ID vault. In order to enable IDVault support, set this entry to 1 in notes.ini

MC_SupportIDVault must only be used in combination with MC_AllowSyncDuringSetup=2

In addition, the following notes.ini entries must be set:
KeyFileName, KeyFileName_Owner, MailServer

If any of these settings are missing in notes.ini and a ConfigFile configuration is used, they will be obtained from the ConfigFile entries
Username, KeyFileName, Domino.Name

Note: KeyFileName will default to "" if missing in notes.ini and ConfigFile

defaults to not set

Use MC_SyncAfterLogin=1 instead of MC_SupportIDVault

Instead of using MC_SupportIDVault, we highly recommend to use

MC_SupportIDVault_PromptWhen set to 1 will prompt end users for a user name if not specified in notes.ini via KeyFileName_Owner or in ConfigFile via Username

Requires MC_SupportIDVault to be set to 1

defaults to not set
Allows for customizing the ID Vault prompt (see above)User ID?
Please enter your operating system user name:

e.g. panusr0007, panusr4711, tfusr9999

MC_CopyIDFileToDataWhen set to 1, MarvelClient will copy the user's id file to the HCL Notes client data directory, if it resides outside of the data directory. Naturally, MarvelClient will adjust KeyFileName= in notes.ini and location documents pointing to such an id file accordingly.1
defaults to not set

Recommended for customers who use MarvelClient on Citrix together with Citrix password manager

Customers who are using Citrix Password Manager for Single Sign On in Citrix environments are instructed to add
to notes.ini by Citrix Support. This has various negative side effects (not just for MarvelClient).

MarvelClient customers are advised to remove above line from notes.ini and use
instead for a then proper Notes client install together with Citrix Password Manager and MarvelClient.

default to not set
MC_Msg_Suppress_0d4eSuppresses the "Notes setup is complete!" dialog after an initial client start1
defaults to not set
Allows to prevent or automatically answer any messages displayed by HCL Notes:


The resource strings themselves are stored in different locations such as nstrings.dll, nnotesws.dll, ... - you can use a tool like Resource Hacker (old, but still useful: to find the number of the corresponding resource string.

Note: This is not restricted to setup itself, but will prevent/autoanswer any such message raised by notes
Note: Check if there's any helpful HCL setting in notes.ini or ConfigFile that can be used before you consider this approach

will automatically answer the HCL Notes client roaming message box "Failed to replicate with roaming server. Abort the next scheduled clean up?" with "Yes".

Note: This feature is only available on Windows

MC_Msg_Suppress_###_ret ...
Will automatically answer a messagebox (see above) as follows:


see above
MC_CheckCreateMissingPerform automatic creation of missing bookmark.nsf, desktop?.dsk/ndk and names.nsf.0 - do not create any
1 - create (default - if this is set, individual settings below can apply)
MC_CheckCreateMissing_NoBookmarkSuppresses automatic creation of missing bookmark.nsf only.1
defaults to not set = 0
MC_CheckCreateMissing_NoDesktopSuppresses automatic creation of missing desktop?.dsk/ndk only.1
defaults to not set = 0
MC_CheckCreateMissing_NoNamesSuppresses automatic creation of missing names.nsf only.1
defaults to not set = 0
MC_CheckCreateMissing_NoLocalFeedcontentSuppresses automatic creation of missing localfeedcontent.nsf

defaults to not set = 0


Create a missing ECL.

If names.nsf does not exist (and above settings do not create one), nothing happens.

0 - do not create any
1 - create (default)

MC_ZapNotesDisplays a message box during client startup for when hanging tasks from a previous Notes session are detected, asking the user whether s/he wants to end them (if a user chooses "Yes", s/he must then double click on the Notes shortcut again).1
defaults to not set/disabled
MC_ZapNotes_IgnoreTasksAllows to exclude custom processes that MarvelClient should not check for as to whether they are considered orphaned from the previous Notes sessionconnecter.exe
default to not set

Note: This feature is only available on Windows

MC_LogLevelThresholdThe default log level for panagenda MarvelClient is 2; increase to 3 or 4 only when so instructed by support3
defaults to not set = 2
MC_LogToConsoleLogs all MarvelClient log.xml output into HCL Notes console.log, toodefaults to 1 as of MarvelClient (including Essentials) >= version 10.
defaults to 0 for MarvelClient release < 10.
MC_RR_EnabledEn- or disables the MarvelClient Realtime engine1
defaults to 1 for clients with Realtime Actions (and a valid realtime license)
defaults to not set for clients without any Realtime Actions

Recommended to set to 0 for normal end users in production

Defines whether the Real-time engine is supposed to show a "lock icon"  in the Windows system tray - this allows for easy testing of realtime Actions
(e.g. enable/disable engine entirely, select different realtime rulesets).
defaults to 1 for clients with Realtime Actions (and a valid realtime license)
defaults to not set for clients without any Realtime Actions

It is recommended to set this to 0 for normal end users.

MC_RR_Profile_CurrentSpecifies the currently active real-time rule-setdefaults to 00_Default for clients with Realtime Actions (and a valid realtime license)
defaults to not set for clients without any Realtime Actions
MC_Addon*notes.ini entries for optional collection of HW & SW inventory and/or location/connection documents
MC_SkinningDirectoryEnables optional skinning of the HCL Notes workspace; for further details see

NOTE that you do NOT need the mc_skinning.dll since MarvelClient has skinning built in already.

defaults to
--> as soon as corresponding skinning files are deployed into this directory, skinning is applied to the HCL Notes client workspace automatically

Note: This feature is only available on Windows

For debugging purposes only; displays a message box before/after the respective Runtype1
defaults to not set

In addition to above notes.ini entries, MarvelClient may maintain the following notes.ini entries depending on used (and licensed) modules and/or Actions: 

notes.ini entries that are maintained by MarvelClient automatically

notes.ini entryDescriptionExample value(s)
MC_DB_LastReachableThe Configuration database MarvelClient was last able to connect to

MC_DB_LastReachable is automatically memorized in notes.ini after a successful connect to the MarvelClient Configuration database (respectively a replica of it)

MC_LastActionUpdateUTC date/time of when the local actions.xml was last updated20130921T145923Z
$MC_DB_LanguageLanguage chosen for the MarvelClient Configuration and Analyze database
(defaults to ENglish)
$MC_DBLastViewThe view that was last opened in the MarvelClient Configuration database; when closing and re-opening the Configuration database, this view will be re-opened automaticallyv_actions_all
$MC_UploadDBLastViewThe view that was last opened in the MarvelClient Analyze database;
when closing and re-opening the Analyze database, this view will be re-opened automatically
$MC_HelpKeyKey of last focused object (field/form/tab/...) in the MarvelClient Configuration or Analyze database6000000
MC_LastBackupDateUTC date/time of when the last backup or roaming Action was performed (for MarvelClient Roaming); used to determine whether the client has written the most recent backup or not (if yes, no MarvelClient Roaming will occur during client startup - if the most recent backup was created on a different machine, MarvelClient Roaming will take place)20130923T121507Z
MC_LastProfilingKey(non-converted) key of last executed backup action for MarvelClient Roaming; used to determine whether the roaming backup key has changed%OS_USER%\%NOTES_USER_ABBREVIATED%\%OS_COMPUTER%\%NOTES_VERSION%
MC_LastProfilingKey_ConvConverted key of last executed backup action for MarvelClient Roaming; used to determine whether a data directory has been copied to a different machine, or a user is using the same notes.ini from a different machine (if so detected, MarvelClient Roaming is enforced)osusername\notesfirst_noteslast!organization\computer-name\9-0-0
MC_RR_RunningShows whether the real-time engine is currently running (which it either is throughout an entire client session, or is not - this does not show whether a real-time Action is currently being executed or not).1 for clients with Realtime Actions, a valid realtime license, and enabled real-time engine
defaults to not set for all other clients