The form for creating a Mailbased Install also allows to create a "PostOpen" Script for inclusion in e.g., the mailfile template or an application that users use on at least a daily basis: 

On the form, simply select the "Mailbox PostOpen Script" option. When you are finished with completing the form, select the overhead menu item "Generate PostOpen Script" and follow instructions in the remarks at the top of the generated code.

Should you want to embed the code into a different database (e.g., the phone book application or similar that all end users access on ideally a daily basis or even more often), then you can simply paste the code into Code\Database Script of that application and insert MC_Install into the PostOpen section.

You can also add the code to the Database Script and PostOpen event of bookmark.ntf on client deployments, if you do not have a central database that all your end users access frequently. In this case, you would have to deploy the code to all bookmark.ntf files across your clients (for multiuser setup, don't forget the mui subfolders) and trigger a design update by deleting TemplateSetup from notes.ini.

After closing the document, you can return to it and re-use it any time to update the configuration and code if needed.

NOTE that when you update the configuration, you must also update the code in the correspdonding database/template.