Cleanup within the MarvelClient Analyze database can be configured to also automatically delete redundant profiles by

a.) either notes username
b.) or notes username and (non-converted) profile key (=non converted backup key)

a.) is helpful during for example an upgrade - as soon as a user has upgraded from e.g. Notes 7 to Notes 8, you may want to automatically delete the elder Notes 7 analysis data.
b.) is helpful if you have decided to change the profiling (backup) key and want to delete redundant profiles for the same user(s) once they have uploaded new data based on a then changed profiling key

This functionality can be found in the view "Administration - Cleanup & more"

Cleanup also allows for soft deletions - if activated (and so configured), redundant profiles AND outdated documents will then show up in the view "Users\waiting for deletion" until they are to be deleted for good according to the number of days entered in the respective field of the cleanup configuration.

Note that after configuration you should ensure that the background agent "Cleanup" in the Analyze database is scheduled accordingly for the cleanup to happen periodically / automatically.