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Management Summary

  • Collect data about (and visualize) the Notes workspace, user preferences, notes.ini, Notes client and computer/operating system information
  • Manage user preferences, notes.ini, and the Windows registry
  • File Deployment: Distribute files to your machines
  • Smart File Downloader: Smarter way of distributing large files with bandwidth and time limits
  • Run Programs

For IBM Client Application Access (ICAA), Notes and Domino 9.0 and up on Microsoft Windows, Intel Mac OS X 64 Bit, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure).

1. Analytics

Be in the know with more than 150 details across IBM Notes and the underlying operating system. Help administrators and helpdesk staff oversee your entire Notes client landscape and make future upgrades and updates a true success:

  • Client configuration data is updated every time end users start their Notes client (and, optionally, at Client shutdown)
  • IBM Notes client version, platform, client type, install type, folder locations and setup inconsistencies
  • Notes Data, Program and Shared Data directory, location of notes.ini
  • Mail configuration and local mail replica details
  • Memory and disk space
  • Operating system type and version, Citrix, VMWare and VDI detection
  • Operating system directories
  • Screen resolution
  • Laptop and desktop detection
  • Desktop Icons (including workspace page titles and colors, coordinates, replica id, server and filepath)
  • Notes.ini settings, including resolving of the famous Preferences line
  • Powerful charts: All users by Notes releases, certifier, mail servers, IPv4 segments, operating systems and machine types
  • Highlighting of issues, such as too little memory or disk space, mail configuration and setup inconsistencies
  • View desktop(s) of end users in a web browser

2. Prepare Upgrades

Combined with above Analytics, the following Actions included in MarvelClient Essentials make future upgrades and updates even easier:

  • Deploy small files to end user machines (including unzip functionality), such as icons and dictionaries, for example.
  • Deploy large files to end user machines via SMB or HTTP with bandwidth and time limits, auto-resume and auto-correct
  • Run programs (visible, invisible, run in parallel or wait for program to close)
  • Set User Preferences, notes.ini entries (delete, set/change, merge and unmerge)
  • Configure any *.ini files (delete, set/change, merge and unmerge)
  • Configure Windows registry settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER

3. Powerful Security and Conditions

  • Target Actions at users, groups and certifiers, including the option to exclude users, groups and certifiers.
  • Use Conditions to limit Actions to e.g., desktops, laptops, specific Notes releases or operating systems, IP ranges, network adapter details and many more
  • Use execution control to run Actions once only, once a day, on certain dates, weekdays, or permanently – the latter reduces helpdesk calls significantly by persistently enforcing a Client configuration

Use Cases

  • Move from flying blind to totally being informed about your entire Notes client landscape
  • Supply IT, helpdesk, and management with all necessary details, facts, and figures
  • Identify all Notes clients and machines that do not match the assumed corporate standard / your prepared upgrade and update packages
  • View folder locations and setup inconsistencies
  • Which versions, fixpacks, and Client configurations are in use?
  • Identify machines that do not have sufficient memory or disk space
  • Understand screen resolutions used by your end users
  • Investigate locale settings (used operating system and Notes client languages)
  • See through all notes.ini settings, think UseBasicNotes, EXTMGR_ADDINS, NSF_HOOKS, AddinMenus, CLIENT_CLOCK and Port configuration details, for example
  • Resolve the famous Preferences line in notes.ini – useful to e.g., understand who saves and/or sends encrypted email or uses the textured workspace
  • Analyze mail configurations across all your clients, including type of local replica
  • Get an overview of IP segments in play
  • Pinpoint links to long decommissioned servers
  • Understand how your end users use their Notes desktop and have their Notes client and preferences configured

Comparing MarvelClient Essentials with MarvelClient Basic

Desktop, Bookmarks
notes.ini, User Preferences
Mailfile Details
IBM Notes Version and Installation Information
OS and HW Overview
Local Databases / Replicas
Eclipse and Plugin Details
Eclipse Settings (including Sametime)
Server<->Client Latency
ID File Details
Locations, Connections, Accounts, Certificates
HW / SW Inventory
Mail Archives
Windows Application Usage

notes.ini and MC Config Variables
Any .ini File
User Preferences
Windows Registry

Upload Data for Analyze
Upload Backups for Rollback
File Deployment
Smart File Downloader
Roll Back User Configuration

Run Progams
Run Notes Processes
Run Agents
Run Notes Formulas
Copy, Move, Delete Files
Compact Desktop

Workspace Pages
Desktop Icons
Local Replicas
Replicator Page
Bookmarks & Bookmark Folders
ID File Management
Profile Documents
Switch Location

Mass Change to Update Database Links
Mass Delete to Remove Database Links